Friday, 20 May 2011

Nails: Polkadot Nails

Last night I finally took off my Wedding Nail Varnish which was a little sad. To be fair it was chipping, and rightly so as I did paint them the morning of the wedding without a base or top coat. So as it was a hard and sad task... haha... I decided to go for some uplifting nails. And I love them. 

At fist I wanted spotty nails, because who doesn't love polkadot nails? But they also created a fun night in with the husband. To me they remind me of Super Mario's Yoshi Eggs. But Mike's first reaction was SuperTed. My response to this was a very blank face indeed. I googled it. 

Katie, "Michael how on earth do my nails remind you of SuperTed?"

Mike, "Type in SuperTed sidekick" 

Katie," hahaha"

We then proceeded to watch episode after episode of SuperTed on youtube. I love it. We laughed so much. His sidekick is so funny. Who knew that painting your nails could create so much fun? haha. (in fact now I've told Michael what I'm writing, he's singing the theme tune. I love this man.)

Speak Soon,


  1. Thank you, I cannot stop looking at them! x

  2. Haha! Very cute nails :D I need to do mine asap! x


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