Tuesday, 24 May 2011

100th Blog Post

I'm quite happy to say that this is my 100th blog post. When I started upon my blogging journey I never once thought that I'd have enough to say to fill 100 posts. I have enjoyed writing each and every one of them, and couldn't let this milestone pass by without having a cake to celebrate. Originally I was going to bake some of my infamous cupcakes, but instead settled upon a McDonald's chocolate muffin... mmmmm!

So there we have it a blog post dedicated to blog posts. haha. I have so many posts lined up ready to type up which is bound to keep me busy over the next week or so, so keep an eye out for those. I never once thought that I would enjoy blogging as much as I do. I first started this blog over a year ago now but only really started blogging in March this year. Before I just didn't have the motivation for it, or anything to say, whereas now I don't seem to ever shut up. haha. It would even be fair to say that I'm blog obsessed! In regards to blogging, the only thing I enjoy more than writing blog posts is reading them, and interacting with you guys. I have officially fallen in love with the blogging community. 

Expect to see more from me on here and probably commenting on all of your blogs.
Speak Soon,


  1. Eeee 100 blog posts! I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile :) Hoping for many many more to come! xx

  2. thank you so much, that's such a lovely comment to read. x

  3. Happy 100th blog post.
    I look forward to many more


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