Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Catch Up: O.O.T.D 1

Obviously planning a wedding took it's toll, and meant I could blog as much as I wanted to. But that didn't stop me from taking pictures. A lot of the time when I take my camera out I have my blog in mind. It really is my little baby. I love it. I love sharing my life with you guys. I love receiving comments from you all and replying to each and every one. Seriously, everything about my blog I love. So I didn't want all these pictures to go to waste, so I thought I'd do a few catch up posts. I'll mix up all these catch up posts with my usual posts, but you'll know they are here by the title. 

So we'll kick this off with an outfit of the day.

Trilby - New Look
T-shirt - H&M (Mike's)
Shorts - Primark
Leggings - Primark
Shoes - Converse at least 6 years old! 
Book - Shiver (I've finally finished this book)

This was from a week ago when I went for my hair trial and a spot of waxing. My hair looked fantastic, but she did burn my nose with the curling tongs, which left me with a red scab on my nose for my big day, but luckily a lot of concealer helped on the day. Plus I was put completely at rest by the lovely comments that the photographer could edit it out if it looked bad... which to be honest it didn't.

Speak Soon,


  1. I did not get to say congrats yet... so congrats on getting married! =]


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