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KatieWrites: A Book Review - Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

I bought this book probably about a year ago now, but never got around to reading it, but what I can say is that it was well worth the wait. I finished it about a week ago now and I must say that I loved it. I laughed out loud, gasped in shock, and cried real tears while reading this wonderful book. 

Now it's safe to say that I'm a fan of Marian Keyes. She is a fantastic writer, who can capture such detail and wonder from each and every book she writes, no matter what the topic. It's pretty much a guarantee that if I buy one of her books I will love it. Though I say this, this is only the third book I've read by her, my favourite still being The Charming Man, which I recommend, I just love how everything falls together in the end, with outcomes that I never expected. 

Now on to Rachel's Holiday

Blurb: Meet Rachel Walsh. She has a pair of size 8 feet and such a fondness for recreational drugs that her family has forked out the cash for a spell in Cloisters - Dublin's answer to the Betty Ford Clinic. She's only agreed to her incarceration because she's heard that rehab is wall-to-wall jacuzzis, gymnastics and rock stars going tepid turkey - and it's about time she had a holiday. 
But what Rachel doesn't count on are the toe-curling embarrassment heaped on her by family and group therapy, the dearth of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - and missing Luke, her ex. What kind of a new start in life is this? 

I was hooked right from the start after reading this and intrigued to find out more about Rachel's story. Now I don't want to give too much away about the story, as it's too great not to find out on you're own. Rachel faces so many challenges which you face along with her. Everything Rachel believes, you believe. Everything Rachel does or doesn't do, you do too. It's safe to say that you will have a soft spot for Rachel from the word go. She may or not be a drug addict, that's for you to find out, but no matter what this girl goes through, and no matter how badly she treats other people you never once stop liking her. And I personally think that a much loved main character in a book, is a winner in my eyes. 
You also meet Luke early on, who I equally love. You see Luke in so many different lights throughout this story, but deep down you know he's a got to be a good guy. 

Never judge a book by it's cover? 
Now I hate to judge a book by it's cover, so I originally didn't want to type this, but why the hell not? How else would you pick a good book? Because there have been times where I have been tempted by the front cover, only to read the synopsis and think the story seems slightly bland. Good job I buy these books based upon the front cover because they normally turn out to be a great book. This one is the complete opposite. If I was to look at this book without knowing anything about the writer, I could honestly say I would have walked straight past it. The front cover is awful. The colours are dull and boring, with very little artistic eye candy. And I don't understand the picture of the bowl of cherries. If this is some sort of metaphor I missed then I would love to know. There are other cover versions of this book which look fantastic and very appealing to the shallow minded like myself, which would have drawn me in and set this book apart from the rest on a busy book shelf, so I'm not sure why this version was even created. But to be honest if that's the only bad point about this book, then it's blooming good going for Marian Keyes. 

Would you re-read it?
Now I don't re-read books, as unfortunately my memory triggers every single plot line in a story by just reading the first page, but if I did, I would read this over an over again. 

Would you recommend this book?
Yes, without a doubt. Overall this book gets a double thumbs up from me. I love the writers style and I find that it's clear to see that she puts a huge amount of research into a book before she puts her thoughts down on paper. I also find that I don't skim through any of her books. It's like I never want them to end. It must take me a least a week longer to read one of Marian Keyes Books than any other of a similar size, as I treasure each and every page. Whereas most people would enjoy a book so much that they would read the whole thing within one day, I connect with the characters on such a level that I don't ever want them to leave.

The next book I'm reading is Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, which I have already started, and I'm actually really enjoying it. The cover had drawn me in for quite some time, and so far I'm very glad that I picked it up. And of course it's another book from the young adult section no surprise there then. 



  1. Nice review! I'm gonna try to get my hands on a copy of this book! ;)

  2. I've never read anything by Marian Keyes but I'm on the look out for some holiday reads and this sounds perfect!

  3. I need this book!! You've got me all excited to find out what happens!! You give great reviews! <3


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