Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wedding: Arriving at the Church

I've always wanted a church ceremony when I was to be married, but not at just any church. The Church we chose was actually where my Nanna and Granddad were married and also where my parents were married, which means it holds a great place in my heart. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I've never really been one to plan my whole wedding from a young age, but the church was always a definite. 

My Mum has always had a soft spot for Mike. She took him under her wing when his parents were unable to do the same. Now Michael and I are married, instead of seeing him as her 'Son-in-Law', she see him as her Son. 

Though she still enjoys the odd joke... here she's just told Mike, "Sorry Mike, did we forget to tell you? She's not coming." I was waiting outside and heard the laughter, but had no idea what it was about... now I do. 

I was and still am so proud of my Dad. I always knew that he would make a great father of the bride but it's not until your wedding day when you truly appreciate it. I was just so excited. I loved every second of our day. All the way in car I was waiting for the nerves to kick in... but they never did. Instead I was looking forward to seeing Michael, taking in every single moment. I remember the car pulling up to the church, hearing the bells, and saying, "oooh they're for me."

Speak Soon,


  1. This is so sweet. If I get married, It has to be in a church, I like tradition! Just checked my Paypal, I requested the money on the 18th to the email address you gave me. I'll cancel that though and send another one. x

  2. Love the updates, i've always wanted to get married in a church too, beautiful xx

  3. Aw Katie, you look gorgeous! I've been looking forward to your wedding posts so much (i'm a looser, shh!). Haha! So nice of your Mum to take Mike under her wing x

  4. Aw its so lovely that you could get married in the same church as your family and that Mike is so close to your parents :) x

  5. Aww, it looks like you had the most wonderful day ever! And your Mum sounds brilliant! <3 xo


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