Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thursday Treasures No.3

So we are here again. I know it's been a while with this type of post but I had to let my blog take a little bit of a back seat for the past couple of weeks due to the wedding and all. Though you never would have guessed seen I've done over 40 posts this month alone. haha. Lets face it, I'm obsessed! Anyway, I love these posts, they don't seem to be the most popular of my posts but I love writing them so I don't really mind. 

Lets get started...
The following blogs are all ones that I have been loving recently. As soon as these people make a post I feel a need to read it almost immediately so why not share some blogging love?

First up:

I only found this blog a few weeks ago now and I love it. She writes lovely posts, takes pretty pictures and makes the most adorable jewellery. I love reading all here posts but most of all recently her money saving tips have been my favourites. Without a doubt I would recommend going to check out her blog, and if you have time and money check out her shop, where she sells the cutest and yet very affordable jewellery items. Plus she always leaves me the sweetest comments ever, which only makes me love her even more.

Next we have:

I've been following this blog for about 2 months as well but once again I love reading her posts. Why else would I follow someones blog? haha. She's recently been completing the 30 day blog challenge which I have enjoyed reading, plus it's meant that she's had a blog post up every day, which is a bonus. She posts great DIY posts, my favourite being her most recent one. You'll have to click the link to find out what it is. Plus look how pretty this girl is!

And last but by no means least:

Now I've been following this blog for as long as I can remember. In fact if I remember correctly she was my first ever follower over a year ago. Now I have had this blog that long, but I only class my self as truly starting blogging in March this year. Though I say this, she's been here from the beginning and I appreciate that more that words could say. I love her blog so much. There are a few blogs that I follow that are my inspirations for blogging and Caz's blog is definitely one of them. So blame her. haha. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what she blog about because I'm sure you are already a follower, but I'm going to do it anyway. ha! My personal favourite posts of hers are her baking posts. She creates the most scrum-did-ily-um-shush deserts ever! I love her new purchase posts because to be honest... she has great taste, but most of all I love her update posts... because well... I'm nosey! haha.

So that's it for this week. 
I hope you've found someone new to follow.
Speak Soon,


  1. Thank You for your amazingly lovely comment xxxx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Katie :) You made my day with all the lovely things you said! I'm very proud of the fact I was your first follower ;) xxx

  3. Haha! I got a little surprise when I scrolled down for you to mention me and my blog! Ah you put the header there, I really need to change it, doesn't it just look awful?! Moaning aside, thanks so much for enjoying my blog AND for admitting it haha! I'm reading backwards again to catch up on old posts - your wedding pics are awesome, I especially love the one where you and Mike do a little jump. The photographer caught the action moment spot on <3 Love all your wedding posts! xx


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