Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Welcome Home: Bedroom

Over the next few weeks I will invite you in, with the use of pictures, and show you around our home. Michael and I bought our house over 2 years ago now, and on the day before my 20th birthday we moved in. I've always said that once we were married I would like to move into a new home, somewhere new to start our married life together, so for this reason I'd like to keep my first home forever here on this blog. Though I'm not sure when this will happen, I still want to start this now, as the unorganised soul which is Katie would normally leave it until there was no time left to do so. 

Now normally when you invite people into your home, the last place you'd show them would be your bedroom. haha. But I must admit that this is the room that I'm most proud of, the room Michael and I plastered, wall papered, painted and put up ikea furniture with our own four hands. And to be honest spent most of this decorating time laughing. 

So without further ado:

 As you can see it's not too girly. We both agreed on the colour scheme, and steered clear of any girly pinks or purples. At the end of the day it's our bedroom, not mine. Though control of choosing soft furnishing and ornaments was given to me. 

 I was on the the look out for some lamps like these for months. I've loved the TV series 'Medium' for years now, and have equally loved the lamps the couple have in their bedroom. I can tell you now that typing 'medium lamps' into google does not help. haha. Finally I came across these beauties in TKMaxx. I cannot remember the price, but I do remember that they were in the sale, so they must have been a bargain. The bedside tables were from Ikea. 

We put this shelf up quite high for decoration purposes only, but I love it. The photo frame you can see was a valentines day present I gave to Mike a few years ago. It's a heart made up of photos from when we first met each other to said date.   

 This unit originally came from my Nanna. Last year she was about to throw this out, so I rescued it and provided it with a good home to store all our clothes. To my Nanna it held no memories so was of no great loss, but for me it held so many memories from being a child and I could not bare to see it go. I remember playing with the key as a child and being told not to loose it. Oh they knew me too well. I planned on going all shabby chic on the poor thing, but decided against it incase it lost it's charm. The birds are my current favourite ornaments. I spotted these two in Wilkinsons and fell in love. I believe they were relatively cheap. 

These drawers came from Ikea. I love this place (Ikea I mean.) I know most people find that it's poor quality, but everything I've ever picked up from there has been fantastic and great quality. And I must say the easiest flat packed items I've ever put together. Though I am sad, and LOVE putting flat packed items together. The mirror also came from ikea and I love it. The glass candle holders came from Dunelm, and so did the ornamental balls. As you can tell I have a great love for these ornamental balls, some could call it an obsession, I know Mike would. haha. I have them all over our house. I love them. 

And finally my beloved ottoman. I've never had one of these but always wanted one. I got this from Argos which matches our bed. Normally I wouldn't buy a bed from Argos, from previous experience, but this is actually a silent night brand bed so is of great quality. Back to the ottoman, we use this to store all our towels and bedding, and it's just big enough. And for the rest of the time to store clothes on which  we cannot be bother to put away. 

   I hope that you enjoy these posts. 

Speak Soon, 


  1. The ottoman is gorgeous! I really love the mirror you just posted about too, I need to get myself one of those :) xx

  2. I loved this post, can't wait to see the rest of your home! x

  3. So beautiful!! I love how you've made it feminine without it being overpowering for a man. I have those little birds from Wilko's in my room too.. although you could barely see the smaller one in my recent pics.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog I LOVE knowing that you've read them :)
    <3 <3


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