Monday, 9 May 2011

Picture this Sunday: 4

Technically it may be Monday, but for me it's still Sunday as I've not yet gone to bed. In other words my picture this is up on time... honestly. I love my weekly picture this post so just because I've had a busy day, I didn't want to miss a week. Though next week I may have to miss it as I'll be on my honeymoon but I'll try to upload it once I get back. 

1. The most amazing sandwich. Ciabatta bread, ham, lettuce and cucumber. Yum yum.
2. The original cat-man. He does a much better job.
3. Mike moved...
4. Spot the Michael. I love the smell of clean washing.
5. A sneak preview of an upcoming post.
6. Millie with her best-est ever teddy. For this month at least.
7. What do you do when someone points a camera at you? SMILE!

Speak Soon,

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  1. Haha, that song always reminds me of Gavin & Stacey (not sure if you've seen the episode where they all start siging that).

    Your life looks so fun! x


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