Thursday, 19 May 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Be warned there will be so many 'post-wedding' posts up here for a while. I originally created this blog as my own online diary. A place where I could record my life, so that in years to come I could look back and read about what I was getting up to, and a major part of this life is our wedding. I want to remember every little detail, as I know that there is so much that I will forget. So bare with me for a while, while I get back into my usual routine. 

One of my greatest fears is forgetfulness. So to prevent myself from forgetting one of the most important bits of my day, heres my something old, my something new, my something borrowed and my something blue. 

Something Old,

My Mum gave me this bracelet last year as a little heirloom. Something that I could pass down to my children one day. I chose to wear it on my wedding day as my something old, as it's even older than me. 

Something New, 

My earring. I have an ear stretch in one ear, so only needed one earring. This was the newest item, as I lost the one I was originally going to wear, so had to pick this one up the day before the wedding. I loved it on the day though. I know most people use their dress for their something new, but there are so many new items needed for a wedding that it didn't really matter which item I picked. 

Something Borrowed, 

I borrowed a pair of socks from my Dad. haha. Obviously I needed socks as I was wearing converse, and what better socks to borrow than my Dad's? Though technically I can't fully say that yet as I haven't given them back, but don't worry he will have them back very soon. (I haven't put up a picture as I'm sure it's not something you want to see)

Something Blue

My nails. I wanted blue nails for quite a while. I chose Button Moon, by Collection 2000, which is more of a duck egg blue. The best choice for a wedding in my opinion. As you can tell I don't like doing anything normal. haha. This was a nightmare though, as I forgot to take my bottle to my Mum's, so we had to head into Boots the morning of my wedding just to pick up a new one. Then I found it in my make-up bag! Typical. 

Even Mike had his something old, new, borrowed, and blue, (not that men do this, but ahh well anything to be unusual.) His borrowed and old was a tie. It was originally my Dad's tie (old) which I stole off him years ago when Mike and I first met, which Mike then 'borrowed' from me. His Converse were blue. And finally his new was his suit, shirt, or belt... take your pick. haha.

As I'm typing this I'm looking around our living room admiring all our cards and gifts. It makes me so happy. I'm also getting giddy thinking about picking up our wedding pictures. 

Speak Soon, 


  1. The bracelet is so pretty, I love delicate jewellery like that.
    The nails are such a lovely shade also!

  2. what a beautiful bracelet.


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