Monday, 23 May 2011

Show me your pants!

We headed to Tesco today for some much needed shopping and spotted these amazing pants. I would show you a picture in the packaging but Mike being the eager beaver that he is opened them before I got a chance. Men! 

We spotted a similar pair in Primark a while back but decided not to pick them up as Katie has issues and they just weren't soft enough. Now I'm glad that we waited. These cost £12 and are super soft and that is before they've even been washed. I now have a happy husband. In fact thinking about it, this is the first gift I've bought my 'husband.'

I'm actually shocked that he hasn't made me swear that I wont wear them. Haha. Well it is still early doors. 

Speak Soon, 


  1. Haha, they're fab, i want some hehe.

    Sadie xx

  2. haha they are brilliant xxx

  3. Brilliant! I love the 'because katie has issues and they just weren't soft enough' ha ha ha xx


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