Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Treasures No.2

So here we are agin, it's Thursday. Who would have thought that this week would go so quickly, I really don't know where the time is going. It's now just over a week until Mike and I get married, and we're almost sorted. I can't wait to be honest, but I really am pooping it. 

Anyway enough about me and lets get on with why were here, to find out my blog treasures of the week.

First up is The Frankins

I have been following this blog for so long now and I love it. It's ultimately a photography blog, but she writes about her life and takes pictures of her beautiful family. I love reading about what they get up to, and looking at the gorgeous pictures of her son. They all look so happy. Like one of those, 'when I grow up I want to be just like that' families. She also takes pictures of other people, click the blog header above to take you to my recent most favourite picture.

Next is haribohats

The diary of haribohats

I only started reading this blog a few weeks ago, but I definitely recommend that you go and check it out. She writes fantastic product reviews, weekly highs and lows posts, and music posts, which are my personal favourites as I love finding new music. Oh and lets not forget the baking posts, which always look scrum-diddly-um-schus. Overall this blog is a lovely read. 
She doesn't have anywhere near the amount of followers that she deserves, though I must admit I've rather have 3 followers that love to read my blog than 300 that just think it's ok. 
And Sarah is the nicest follower you could ever wish to have. She always posts the nicest comments on my blog, and I appreciate each and every one of them. 

And last but by no means least, Linkieluevillie

I have been following this blog for as long as I can remember, and it is most definitely a treat when this girl posts. Sometimes it's quite a while between posts, due to the busy lifestyle of a mother, but believe me when she posts it's well worth the wait. Lindsay takes the most beautiful pictures imaginable. Her daughter is the cutest girl I've even seen, and once again it's a family you'd want to be part of. I love this blog so much. 

And there we have it, my weekly blog treasures. I hope that you enjoyed this post, and more to the point found more blogs you may soon fall in love with. 

Speak Soon,


  1. Aww! You are so nice, you have made my day :)

    1 week!! I am definitely more excited about hearing about your wedding than I was the royal one haha xx

  2. Ahh only a week, that's SO exciting! xoxo


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