About Katie

I wasn't sure what to write here. I decided to leave this page open one night, and write whatever came to mind.

this is my favourite picture of myself

i’m Katie. i’m 23. married to an amazing man. happy. shy. can be lazy. can be highly motivated. can be grumpy. likes to sleep. likes to stay awake all night. can be contradicting. i love my job. i hate going back to work after a week off. i love being married. i can’t wait to have a family. we already have our children’s names picked out. i already have two children. they are both animals. i’m happiest when i’m with Mike. i could spend every second of every day with him. we’ve been together 6 years. we were engaged for 10 months. we married in May. i love my family. i loved my dad to walking me down the aisle. apparently we walked too quick. my family means the world to me. we’re all hoping to embark on a new journey some time this year. my mum accepted Mike as soon as she met him. she told him on his 26th birthday that this would be the only time he would get a son-in-law card – next year it would be Son. old people make me sad. i want to hug them all. i wish they could stay around forever.  i always wanted long hair for my wedding. two years ago i decided to grow it. i had no idea i would be getting married. my dad believes that Mike is the best man for me. i believe that Mike is the best man for me. i have 5 tattoos. the one that means the most to me is on my wrist. once i’m married i want my ‘husbands’ initial and mine on my right wrist. i have my initial and my mum’s tattooed onto my left wrist. i have allergies to so many different things; most i don’t even know the actual causes.  i quit smoking in November 2009. i’ve not touched a cigarette since. i’m addicted to the Internet. i like to do the best for people. i find it hard to trust people. i find it hard to forgive people. i hate first impressions. usually my first impressions are correct. this isn’t always a good thing. i have acne prone skin. my spots get me down.  i'm not a huge fan of Yankee Candles, though I do love the one i own. Mike and i have been living together for 3 ½ years.  we bought our house the day before my 19th birthday.  it won’t officially be ours for another 33 years. on my 19th birthday i woke up on a mattress on our living room floor.  i wear my engagement ring on my left hand, and one of my mum’s old engagement rings on my right. she’s been married to my dad for over 25 years. i’m an optimist. my outlook on life is that everything happens for a reason. i believe in ghosts. i never want to watch ‘paranormal activity’. i love pens. i get far too excited when Medical Reps make a visit. i like to make things out of felt. i’m creative. i find it hard to stick to things. i loose interest in things easily. i’m never bored. i never have enough time. i can always find something to do. i love reading. i used to watch romantic comedies, wishing for my one. i found him. i like pretty boxes. i love writing. i used to enjoy exams. i gained good grades at school. i never attended University. i don’t regret it. i love swimming. i won gold in the butterfly when I was 7. i was the only one who dared to swim. i love pole dancing. i own my own pole. you can tell a pole dancer from the hard skin on their palms and wrists. i used to hate my freckles. i tried to scrub them off when i was younger. my favorite city is York. it always has been. we almost got engaged in York. instead it was in Frankie and Bennies in Castleford. my fault. i wouldn’t change it for the world. i cried when i found my wedding dress. i thought that was a myth. i cried when we got engaged. i love reality T.V. mostly. i love photography. i wish i were better at it. i fancy Anthony Stewart Head. he’s older than my Dad. i love Pingu. i used to understand everything he said. my granddad died when I was two. he’s my first memory. he was there on our wedding day. i gave him my flowers. i don’t think i have a favourite colour. mike has enough favourite colours for the both of us.  this is the most honest thing i’ve ever wrote. i think i should go to bed. 

this is one of my favourite pictures of Mike and i