Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Gloss, The Matte and The Ugly

As I'm sure you're aware Michael and I were married 2 weeks ago and of course we had many, many pictures taken. (Like you didn't know. haha.) I'd saved some McDonald's Monopoly vouchers for 50 free photo prints from snapfish. Now I'd never heard of this company before, but I thought, "well if I'm getting summet for nowt then I might as well see what they're like."

Now they are not 100% free, you do still have to pay for postage, but for 99p delivery you really can't complain. I placed my order on Friday and I received my packages on Wednesday morning. I was pretty impressed, and seen as I had never used this company before I half expected that I would never receive them. Does anyone else think like that when they buy from somewhere new or is it just paranoid little old me?

Now I would say that I choose three different styles on purpose but if I'm honest I didn't. Instead I was too much of an eager beaver and failed to check my order before completing. But for the purpose of this review then it worked out pretty well. Now before I go any further I thought that I'd add that though I got these prints for free (because, thank you McDonald's, I won them) I am in no way getting paid for this review. I wish that I was but unfortunately not. Anyway lets continue...

This picture kinda bugs me.. I really should have lined the pictures up better!

I choose standard glossy print, glossy with border, and finally matte with border.

Firstly the standard glossy pictures. 

Now the quality of these turned out great. I only got 20 of these because I used the companies offer of 20 free prints for being a new customer, so I choose to print off the pictures I wanted to hand out to people in their thank you cards. I'm pretty impressed. Though since having borders on the majority of my pictures and seeing just how professional they all look I'm not that keen on standard prints anymore. I didn't know that you could be a print snob, but I guess I am. haha. 

Now for the glossy prints with border.

I love these. Every single picture turned out perfect. The quality is amazing and they really do look rather professional. I love the finish and they just make out wedding pictures look just that little bit more special. 

And finally the matte prints with border. 

These I think are my favourite finish. Now I think the finishes of matte and gloss is just personal preference, but to me having a matte finish gives the pictures that added bit of charm. The only problem I have found with a matte finish is that I want to stroke them. This has started to worry me. haha. Anyway... we had one picture from the matte pile that came out a little wrong. One picture shows Mike having a blue ink splodge on his right ear, which he didn't have. They were free so I'm not going to complain, but I believe that they should all be hand checked before they are sent out for delivery. Yes someone may think that he actually had that ink splodge there and it wasn't a print error, but we were in church... on or wedding day, so I doubt it. 

Overall I'm pretty impressed and I think I would go ahead and make a paid order when the time comes. But for now I still have two more vouchers for 50 free prints so I'm going to go ahead and use them. I love McDonald's Monopoly vouchers, and though I didn't win £250,000 or whatever the prize was, I did win my wedding photos... so in my world that makes me a pretty big winner. It's definitely the small things in life. 

Speak Soon,


  1. My boyfriend was addicted to the Mcdonalds Monopoly, i'm just gutted he never won free prints. What a fab and cheap way to get your wedding photos printed :) xo

  2. Lovely! I absolutely love your blog Katie.

    I *think* I saw you in Boots today! I wasn't 100% sure though xx

  3. they are adorable, love it x

  4. I love snapfish! I've been using them ever since Jessops changed the name to snapfish from something boring like Jessops prints I think it was :S not sure on that though. They do so many amazing discounts and vouchers through their newsletter too. I had a poster print last year for under £7, collect in store for free and it's great. The frame almost cost more than the print! xx

  5. @ ashlie - that'll have been me. I'm forever in that place I never seem to get away. haha. You should have come and said hi! Maybe next time . x

    @ Samantha Jane - what a bargain. I guess I'll be signing up for the newsletter then. Thanks for the heads up. x

    @ LC - thank you, I love them so much. x

  6. I used the McDonalds code too, i've used Snapfish before though and really rate them :).

    Sadie xx


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