Monday, 4 January 2010

Katie and Cupcakes

For Christmas at our work, we had a large selection of food and each item was brought in by a different member of staff. So I decided to take cupcakes. Oh my gosh they were as good as they looked... amazing. If I do say so myself.
Being Katie n all I decided to make them in my PJs :D Off course. I live in PJs.
I loved making them and I will def be making more soon.
I used a normal sponge cake recipe then poured the mixture into muffin cases, which made them into huge buns :D

Below are a few pictures

The hardest bit was trying to find enough boxes to take them to work in

I love my buns lol

Christmas, New Year and snow...

So 2009 has now ended and what a year it has been. So much has happened in the past year and so much has changed.
So I just wanted to post a few pictures on here to remind me of the end off 2009.

Our Christmas Tree, Iggle Piggle is sort of an inside joke between me n my fella

I really do love the snow

Me and Mike on news years eve before we went out. I love him soo much.

The one thing I hate about snow... removing it from the windscreen