Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Picture this

Even though it was my day off today, I still had to attend a work related event. Not a fun experience I must add, but one in which I couldn't get out of. But lets not get into it. It did on the other hand give me a chance to play with a new app on my iphone called Instagram. It's a photo editing application, and I've really enjoyed spending the past few hours playing with all it's features. If you have an iphone I really recommend getting it as it's so much fun, and makes all ordinary pictures... well beautiful. And... it's FREE! 

Speak Soon,

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Double Trouble: OOTD No1

Just a quick OOTD post before we head off to bed. After a long day a work, we headed off to Mike's friend's house for a few hours, where Mike asked him if he would be best man. Obviously the answer was yes, but it is a slightly tricky situation as they are expecting their first child a week after our wedding. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan. 

top - Newlook   jeans - Asda   boots - Newlook   bag - Next

Quite a boring, but ever so comfy outfit. The top is green, even though for some reason it looks brown here. Ergh. In fact an awful picture all round, yet another reason why me and our Cannon point and shot are not on speaking terms. On a brighter note I have fallen even more in love with these jeans, from my recent post. They are so soft, and comfy. It's like wearing PJ's outside. The bag was a Christmas present from my Mum, but I've only just got round to using it. It has started to soften up, though I've now developed an issue with over-filling it, which causes painful shoulders. Uh-oh. Anyway...

Speak Soon, 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blogging Life begins at 40...

I've had a lovely Sunday. I always enjoy to spend my/our Sunday doing nothing more than chilling out. It's a good job really though as I've had an allergy day. You know the ones where you can't do anything but sneeze at least once a minute. In fact my nose is tickling with another one now. It's like my nose likes to play tricks on the pollen. It welcomes it in with open arms, only to almost immediately reject it. It's a bit cruel really.

But here's what made my Sunday so lovely:

1. To log on to my blog today and watch the number of followers increase to 40, made not only my day, but my week.

Even to the extent that I had to take a picture. 
I want to take this space to thank each and every one of you. 
It means to world to me that people enjoy reading what I write.
And that they leave such lovely comments. 
If you decide to follow my blog, say hi. There's nothing more that I enjoy to do, than to reply. 
Mike even makes fun of me because I actually smile while I blog, and I agree with the computer. Haha.

2. Due to my allergies I have been confined to our sofa, but we have been blessed with such brilliant T.V. 

Normally we don't get chance to watch much T.V. With work commitments, Mike's PS3 addiction, and my internet addiction, it doesn't leave much room to spend time in front of the television. Usually when we do, there's nothing worth watching on. Typical. But today we've enjoyed:

V - I'm a SyFi geek
The Middle
Raising Hope

Now were back to our usual ritual, and Mike's been sucked into the world of Crysis 2. I sound like I mind, but honestly I don't as it gives me time to do this, but we can still be together, while enjoying something we love. 

3. We had ice cream. Again. 

Yesterday we made the foolish mistake of forgetting that we were on lent for the fraction of time it took to order a 99 from the ice cream van. It then dawned on us that we had both given up Chocolate, while looking down at the huge flake sticking out of our cones. We then spent the next couple of minutes digging out little bits of flake. Haha. We must have looked insane to passers by. 
So today when we heard the lovely sound of the ice cream van stopping out side our house we ran out, I would say we had learnt our lesson. But no... Mike still forgot to ask for it without the flake. 

Mike just pointed out Millie in the background. You can just see here face. Haha.

It still tasted amazing, even after we binned the flake. 

What? Are you not as childish as us?

So after an eventful day of eating ice cream, and not a lot more. I'm going to enjoy reading a few blogs. Then read a book. I've got Hush Hush to read next, so I'm going to see how this goes. 

I'm enjoying Young Adult fiction at the moment. I like to mix it up a bit anyway. If you look at my books I want to read page, you'll see how much my reading material varies. 

After that, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 
I'm really sad that I had to miss the blogger meet up on Saturday, due to work, but I hope that everyone who went really enjoyed it. 
Maybe they will be another arranged soon. 
So I bid you all farewell. 
Have a good evening. 
I'll speak to you soon.


These boots are made for walking

I've been on the look out recently for a new pair of boots. Since the end of winter, beginning of spring I came to realise that I had no practical shoes. I either own, ballet pumps, trainers, converse or wellies. If it rains I'm stuffed. Unless I have the wellies on, but most of the time I want something a little smaller. In fact the last time I wore them was when we had the major downpour of snow.

So the hunt began. 

I've noticed that there has been a recent fashion, where most of the boots made, have no zips. I struggle with this as I can't for the life of me get them on. And if I do manage to get one on, I get cramp in my other thigh as I proceed to fight with the other boot. No matter how much of a good offer these boots seem at the time, I can't buy something I can't get on my feet. I wish I had a high instep, or at least some sort of excuse as to why I can't get these boots on, but really I'm just pants at putting on shoes! 

I also have rather large calves so knee high boots are a big no, no. One day I may find my perfect knee high boot, I'm just hoping they come with a zip. Haha. 

Anyway, last week I was browsing on the New Look website, and came across their shoe section. As usual they have some sort of sale, so I thought I'd take a look. 

And there they were, my new boots...

Now these don't have a zip.
But I can get them on my feet! 
And I love them. 

I noticed on the picture on the website that at the back they had a slit, and I was hoping this would make it easier to put the boot on. I was right, and now I have the most gorgeous new boots that fit. 

They are pretty comfy, but I've only worn them in the house so far. I'll test them out properly soon.
But so far I'm very happy. I love the colour and the buckle detail. And I seem to have unintentionally saved the best bit till last... the price. £12.50.

The delivery was quite reasonable at £3.95, and it only took three days from placing the order to receiving my item in the post. The only fault I have with the actual delivery is that they left it outside our door in full view of the street, but I guess that's not New Look's fault, it's their courier service. 

Does anyone else have this problem?

We always find ours either outside our front door, on the window ledge, or in or around the bin.

I'm pretty happy with my boots and I won't need a new pair for quite some time now. I know from all the recent posts it may seem like I shop all the time, but in reality I don't. I've just been very lucky recently being able to find things that I actually like. I also like to wear things to death. I generally won't bin anything unless it's falling apart. So this is just a warning that there won't be many new clothes posts for sometime now, I'm all spent out. But be sure to expect more wedding posts. With less than 8 weeks until the big day I've got plenty to do... and blog about. 


Power Adapter Failure

Today the worst thing that could possibly happen... happened. Our power adapter gave up the ghost. Now it had been on it's last legs for quite some time now, but we had always kept that hope that it would survive a few more years. But the worst did happen, and this morning with a dead macbook, and a broken charged we had no other option but to bite the bullet and buy a new one. Now to some this would seem anything but tragic, but wait for it we had to fork out £50 for it!

Loving the background, lets all give thanks to the British Passport. Haha.

As you can see, there was no doubt that this was going to die, but what bugs me is that this is less than a year old, and what gets me even more is that they have re-designed the end.

This is our shiny new one, and if you take a look at the connector, they have completely changed it. In other words, they must have known that there was a major wear and tear issue with their product or they wouldn't have needed the re-design. Because, 
'why change sommet if it aint broke?
*spoken in a broad Yorkshire accent*

Rant over, the fact of the matter is that we left it until it got this bad, had we have taken it back when we first noticed the problem, we could have received a free replacement. I would say lesson learned, but I can't honestly say that. Haha. I also love Apple products so I'm not going to moan about them any more. Plus to be honest the universal power adapter we had to buy a few years back when out Sony one died cost £70, so really you could say (with gritted teeth) that £50 is a bargain. 


P.S How could I have possibly gone anymore than a few hours without blogging, or reading blogs?

Haha, I love that the only person who's happy about the clocks going back, is the guy on T.V. He's looses an hour at work, we loose an hour in bed! 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Super Skinny Jeans. Yeay? or Nay?

After a long day at a work, much needed retail therapy was deserved. It's been a tough week, which I won't get into, but believe me when I say, I needed these bits.

Now I was never interested in the whole jeggings phase. To be honest I think it was purely the elasticated waist band that put me off. Then on Thursday night I noticed this blogpost by the lovely Jennie. I couldn't believe it. She had only gone and found herself the perfect pair of jeggings.... only they're not jeggings. They are super skinny jeans. So they have the proper 'jeans' waist band. Whoop whoop. Off to Asda I had to go...

Believe me these were tricky to take, thanks Ikea. 
... a few hours later I returned home to try them on. And I think I like them. I especially enjoy the bum shot. Haha. I have a huge problem with my thighs, topped of by awful knees, but I don't think I mind how these look. In fact I would say I like them. And for only £12.50 not to bad at all.

I think I've found a keeper. 
Time to take the tags?
Let me know before it's too late.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Froggies on my nails

Rrribbit... ribbit...

They remind me of little frogs. I love them. I'm even tempted to name them all, but then I'll only be disappointed when they croak! Haha! 

I did both hands, and for some odd reason, my right hand was the easiest to do. Not normally the case, but I'm not going to complain. I find it funny that ever since I painted them both me and Mike have been croaking at each other.

I originally saw something similar posted on someones blog, but I can't for the life of me remember who. If I find it, I will post it here so you can have a look. They only had one nail pained with 'googily eyes,' but I'm always the one that takes it too far.
I also felt that they all needed to be looking in different direction. Both Mike and I's favourite is the one that looks like a deer caught in headlights, I'm sure you know which one.

To create this, here's what I used:

Barry M - Base-coat, Topcoat and hardener, Models Own - Grace Green, Konad - white, and Collection 2000 - fast stroke eyeliner. 

* I always start with the Barry M base-coat. It works so well, so much so that this is my second bottle, because the first ran out, and not because it dried up. 

*I then used TWO COATES of Models Own, Grace Green. I love this shade. I received this for Christmas for a work colleague along with a few others, and I've worn it so much since. 

* To create the whites of the eyes I used the lid from the Collection 2000 eyeliner. I firstly poured a bit of the Konad White onto some paper, then dipped the lid, then dipped it onto my nail. Very easy, and highly effective. (Konad nail varnish is slightly thicker than a normal nail varnish, so it creates a stronger colour with only one coat)

*Then for the pupils I use the eyeliner itself. I just drew in the pupils. You could create a uniformed look, and have all the eyes looking the same way, or all over the place like mine. It's up to you. 

*Finally apply a topcoat, and your done! 

Easy peas-y lemon squeeze-y
Speak Soon,

P.S. What colour would you do yours?

Wedding Inspiration

Whilst shopping at ‘Meadowhall’ the other day we came across the most adorable little store. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I was younger I always found ‘the lanes’ to be so mesmerizing. If you don’t know what ‘the lanes’ is, it’s just a selection of some of the smaller shops, which is situated around the food courts. To be honest it reminds me of a market, but in reality it's more difficult to describe than that.  I do remember it to be slightly better, but parts do still have that bit of charm.

We then came across a little shop, which sold allsorts of little trinkets, ornaments, and just interesting little items that you could ponder over for hours. In the far corner, tucked away, was the wedding section. I fell in love.  I love all these things; we could have bought everything here, but would have blown a huge chunk of our wedding budget, so instead we came away with a few pictures.

Not the greatest picture but I wanted to capture all the dangling items. 
I love all the bird cages, and large hearts, but I honestly would only use them for that one day. 

We really wanted the just married, garland? I'm not too sure what you would call it, but it was £8. 
I felt this was a little steep, but I still love it. I may have to get myself a little hacksaw. 

I'm going to attempt to make this, so watch this space...

How pretty.

This just made me awwww.

This was my favourite item, but at £28, unfortunately it will never be mine.
I may scour ebay and see if I can find anything similar for a fraction of the price. 
Wish me luck. 


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It feels like a Summers Day... in March???

Monday - the last day of my week off work, and Mike's first day of his week off. I hate it when this  happens, but we decided to make the most of it. Off to Meadowhall we headed. As you may or may not be aware our car is rather poorly at the moment so we decided to go on the train. For £5 each it's not that bad, it would probably cost a similar amount in petrol anyway. The downside was that we had to walk to the train station, which is about 2 miles away. The upside is that the weather was amazing.

Look I had to take my coat off!! 
And I'm Miss Squinty-Mc-Squint.
I really need some new sunglasses, but since finding out that I need glasses in December I've not got around to getting any.

We had such a lovely day out. It was nice travelling on the train, despite the fact that we missed the first one and had to wait 45 minutes for the next. It was relaxing. We were able to talk about utter crap, people watch, and not concentrate on driving. For some reason when we drive we're always in a rush. I have no idea why, as you'd think not being set by train/bus times you'd have a more relaxed attitude. 
Still. The time that we picked was rather late. Luckily Meadowhall opens until 9pm, so we got there for 5pm. There's a much more relaxed atmosphere at that time. Most people have headed home after a long day out, so you missed that mid day rush. Plus I got to have my last lay-in before I go back to work. Bonus all round. Whoop! 

I planned on taking so many pictures, I even took my DSLR along with me, but I forgot until I got there that Meadowhall is not very pretty. Haha. So instead I pictured all our purchases, so you get to enjoy that. (I'm also becoming much better friends with my Nikon since finding the patience to learn the basic manual settings. Phew!)

Here's the job lot. I'm so happy with everything I picked up. I also bought a pair of Denim shorts from Primark that aren't pictured here, but they need returning as they don't fit. No surprise there then. Will I ever learn? 

Lets start with the clothes...

The grey Trilby was £6.99 from New Look. I saw this over a month ago, and regretted picking it up ever since. It was one of those, "I promise to wear it all the time Michael" moments. Haha. 
Here's the link for you lovely people.
I love these shoestring vests form New Look. At £1.99 they are a steal. They are so soft, and perfect for under my work uniform. I bought five, one for every day.
The others were from Primark. 
The shirt is super soft. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It's made from the flannel material, and it's such a flattering length. I didn't think £8 was too bad either.
The scarf was an impulse buy, but boy am I glad for impulses. I love it. £3. And it's square. 
Is it just me or are these hard to come across? 

While we're in Primark I may as well show the jewellery I picked up.

As you can tell by the picture, the earrings were only £1.50. I only really bought them for the swallows, but I guess I'd wear some of the others as well. These are a bargain for me, as I have and ear stretch in my left ear, so I only wear one earring at a time. 
The bracelet was £2... I think. I have no idea what I've done with the packaging. (I'm sure I'll find it hanging out of Jake's mouth sometime soon)

We then headed to River Island. Now I don't shop for clothes here, as to be honest it's way out of my price range. Lovely to window shop, but that's as far as it goes with me... unfortunately. Now this next purchase means so much to me. 

Mike bought this for me in a set for Christmas. Our first Christmas together. 
We had only started going out that December, and he didn't have a job. 
He spent his last £20 on me for Christmas. 
It still warms my heart to this day. 
When he bought it the sales assistant informed him that they were discontinuing it. I was gutted. 
Now I don't know if they ever did discontinue it or not, but when I noticed they had it in stock I had to have it. It's only £4.99, smells incredible, and brings back so many memories. 

And for Boots

As you'll know by my previous 'day' post I was given some 'Love to Shop' Vouchers to spend on items I need for my wedding from my Nanna. She asked me to pick up the Shockwaves serum, which happened to be 2 for £4. At £3.36 I even got my Nanna a bargain, not that it matters as she told me to use the vouchers. If you want to know how well it works, ask my Nanna. Haha. Though she has gone through two tubes already so it must be good. I'm even tempted. 

The other items are for my wedding. 
I love this cream blush from MaxFactor. I orginally found this in the last free gift bags and have worn it every day since. As it's a cream blush I set it with the No7 Blusher in 12, Coral Flush. It lasts all day, and looks as pretty at the end of the day as it does when you first put it on. I picked it up in the shade 14 Soft Pink and it's £6.99.  
I won't be touching this until my wedding day. (Unless I run out of my tester)
And my Mascara. I don't usually go for waterproof, but come on it's for my wedding day. I chose the False Lash Effect in Black (waterproof.) 
I will try this out before the big day, but that's it. I've heard good things about it so I'm not worried. 
I've gone to the trouble of linking all these for you, your challenge is to find them if you want to check these items out. Hehe

If you spend £15 or more you also get a free gift worth over £25. I love these things. The eyeshadow I got in the previous one, I use every day! 

If you can, I would say pick one up, I couldn't recommend them enough. Even the make-up bag is pretty. I'll let you know how well these work. 

Oh and I had a swatch of All That Glitter Eyeshadow from Mac on my hand, and the free MaxFactor eyeshadow is a pretty good dupe. Don't quote me on it though, but I thought that they looked pretty similar. 

It's a given that if we ever go shopping we always have to pop into HMV for Mike. We've got to let the fella have a bit of fun after all I put him through. I may have done well today, but normally I'm the worst shopper... ever! 
Worst thing is, he didn't get anything, this CD was for me. Good thing is, is that we both love this band, so it's a shared CD. Yeay! Check them out... I insist! 

We had 45 minutes left before our train arrived, so we headed to WHSmiths to pick up something to read on the way home, but of course we ended up picking up a few more items. 

Firstly I spotted the container. I thought it would be perfect for my make-up brushes.
I already have something for them, but seen as I keep my make-up downstairs in the living room, I thought that this would look prettier on the coffee table. This was only £1.99.
Then Mike liked the letter separator thingy-mi-jig. 
We are so messy when it comes to post, before we know it we have letters scattered all over the kitchen side. This is now our attempt to prevent this. This ended up working out at only £2.49.
Both were reduced!

And now let me introduce you to my new bookmark... 
readers, this is George, 
George, these are my readers.

and there you were thinking I'd named him. Though to be honest if I had, George would have been the name I'd have chosen. I love him! 
Giraffes mean a lot to Mike and I, they have been are our little inside joke since just before our engagement. One day I might go into it for you, if you're nice. 

awww look, he's already settled in. 

Finally I picked up a few foundation samples for my wedding (bet your sick of hearing that now), which I'm going to try out over the next few weeks and let you know what I choose. 

Look at me and my super pale skin. My skin even confused the make-up artist. 
Dark hair + Freckles = Very Pale Skin???

We caught the train from Sheffield at 8:45pm and made back for about 10:30pm. It was slightly creepy walking home from the train station in the dark, but I always feel safe with Mike. I seem to forget how much the dark scares me. Another case of watching far too many Zombie movies. Though it didn't take up half as long on the way back. Haha. 

Sorry for such a long blog post, I just had so much to say. In fact I'm not quite sure why I'm apologising seen as I did choose my blog address to be babblingkatie, so really you did get a little warning. Hehe.

Anyway I'll speak to you all soon. 



P.S Here are the few bits we picked up for Michael incase any of you are interested. 

The clothes were from Primark. The hoodie ended up only being £5. He lives in these things. And the T-shirt was only £7. I'm sure I'll get in trouble one of these days for wearing this. The saying really is true in our house, 'What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine.'
The comic was his train reading material of choice. I've always been attracted to the geeks, and this only make me fancy him a bit more.