Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Engagement

The date was 17th August 2010.
My 22nd birthday. 
I received the gift that I had been wishing for for years. 
Time slowed down. 
In the middle of a busy restaurant I felt like we were the only two people there.
I was asked to close my eyes by the man of my dreams. 
When I was granted permission to reopen them...
open in front of me, 
was my perfect engagement ring.

I could feel my eyes start to fill with tears of joy.
There was nothing I could do about it.
I watched as his eyes started to well.
He said the four words every girl wants to hear,
"will you marry me?" 
I couldn't speak.
All I could do was nod.
He leaned over the table and kissed me.

I love this man with all my heart. 
Nothing fills me with greater joy than the knowledge that I will be his wife.
And he will be my husband.

We've been together for 4 years 9 months.
We've been engaged for 2 days. 
We'll be together forever.


  1. Such a lovely post! Congratulations!!

  2. Omg, that is my DREAM RING! :O I'm one of those crazy gfs that says to their bf - "If you propose, the ring must be this and that..." and this ring is exactly it! So jealous!!! (May have to print the photo and subtly stick it to the fridge!) ;) hehe. Such a lovely story too. <3 x x

  3. Thank you so much. I worked in a jewellers when we first met, so he knew the ring I wanted from day one. Haha. Well he knew the shape, I'd always had my heart set on a Princess Cut Diamond, the design was all him. I love the size as well, it's just perfect, too big and it would drive me insane, I don't know how celebs even get owt out of their pockets!


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