Sunday, 1 May 2011

Picture this Sunday: 3

I know I've done so many posts today and I'm sure you're getting slightly fed up, but as mentioned previously I've wanted my blog to become slightly more structured, which includes my weekly 'Picture This' posts. I decided upon Sunday, as for me this seemed like a natural choice for an end off week picture summary. So lets get cracking:

1. Michael pretending he's from the middle ages in Ikea. haha.
2. My first McDonald's chocolate muffin (the best muffins in my opinion) after giving up chocolate for lent.
3. A Royal Cupcake. Given to me when I went to my final dress fitting. It may have been an awful experience due to one member of staff who was clearly bitter about working on a bank holiday, but at least one good thing came out of it.
4. This is how I find Jake every night before I go to bed. (If Michael has gone before me, that is.) He likes to protect his Dad, by guarding the landing whilst he's asleep. Good cat.
5. Jump in... the first two words you find when you open the XBOX. I don't think we'd fit though. Haha. (you are so funny Katie) 
6. I mentioned to my Dad I wanted our names carved into one of the many random logs in my parents garden for our wedding day, and this is what he came up with. He really is the best Dad.

So there we have it, my selection of pictures from my week that have no other home. I enjoy making these post and it will now be a weekly feature, that I will try to put up on a Sunday. 

Currently listening to: Irritating neighbours drunkenly screaming, shouting and singing. They are middle aged by the way, so no spring chickens. (oh and it just got worse, we now have poop music playing)
We did want to watch Doctor Who, but theres no point as we wont even be able to hear it. Sorry for the little rant as I hate negativity on my blog, but this happens so often that it slowly drives you insane, and there's no doubt it will go on until the early hours of the morning. It wont be so funny when I can't sleep and decide that the hoovering needs be done... at 4am! HA! (I say that but I wont actually be able to do it, as I'm not a knob.) 

Drinking: Nothing. I'm waiting for my cup of tea which I think Mike has forgotten to make. Don't worry I'll remind him again in a minute. haha.

Speak Soon,


  1. Hi Katie, Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) Welcome!! I'll check yours out too, xoxo! LA

  2. Aw I love these kind of posts! So cute of your dog to carve your names into a log <3 That cupcake looks delish.. shame about the bitter women though! x


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