Thursday, 19 May 2011

Births and Dates

Three days after our wedding our friends baby was born. We've been waiting for this day for so long, but praying that he wouldn't arrive until after our wedding day. Don't worry it's not as selfish as that, well it kind of is, you decide for yourself. The proud father of a beautiful baby boy was Michael's best man. We'd asked the little one to wait until straight after the ceremony until he made his appearance into the world and he did us all proud and came a few days later. 

And here he is little Logan

Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby.
Both Michael and I are already completely smitten.

As anyone knows parking at any hospital is a complete nightmare, which meant we only had 5 minutes to meet Logan, and see how the new parents were doing. Both Mum and Dad are fine by the way. We ended up parking in the restaurant over the road after promising that we'd go back and eat. So we ended up having our first date as Mr & Mrs. And it was very yummy indeed. 

Though I did ask Michael for a Chicken Burger and instead received a normal Beef Burger, the food was still amazing.

And what better way to spend waiting for your meal to arrive than commenting on the birth of a new baby on facebook. haha. 

Speak Soon,


  1. What an adorable little baby! Its nice to spy your wedding rings in the pics too haha x

  2. What an adorable little baby! It will be so nice that you can celebrate such happy times with your friends at the same time :) Love the cheeky wedding rings appearing in the photos too! x

  3. Aww Logan is adorable! Love his name :D x


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