Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fitness: The 30 Day Shred

So surprise, surprise I've jumped on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon. I must admit I've owned this DVD for quite sometime now but have never actually made it past stage one. Mainly because I'm a wimp! I can go  through day 1, day 2  and even day 3, but I'm in that much pain from sore, achy and unfit muscles that I can't physically take anymore by day four. That was until I read someones blog (who I frustratingly cannot remember who's!!! If it's you please tell me. haha.) who stated that if you work through the pain it will ease up. 

So there you have it... one person who's battled the pain and got through to the other side has encouraged me to finally kick the 30 day shred's butt! And believe me when I put my mind to something I do it! Lets face it I quit smoking over a year ago and though I still crave one every now and then I know that I won't ever smoke again! 

I've taken all my measurements which I will state below, so I can record my progress. This is normally the part where I usually fail. I always forget to take my measurements before I start a new fitness plan, and while I am slightly ashamed of them, I believe it will work as added personal encouragement to work off those extra "few" inches, (or centimetres 'coz that's how I roll'!) Plus adding them to my blog  prevents me from loosing them... I loose everything!

As you can see... I'm not even!

Now at the moment I'm not going to intentionally change my diet. I feel that when embarking on a new fitness plan it's a natural process for your body to crave better foods, so instead I'm going to listen to what my body asks for. 

On the other hand, one thing I will have to change will be my vitamin intake. When exercising I suffer from bad cramping due to the loss of essential vitamins and minerals through sweat, so I need to replace these pretty quickly after a workout to prevent having to take the dreaded Dioralyte! I mainly suffer the worst of the cramps in my calfs which is a pain to say the least. Mind the pun. So I will start taking 'One A Day Magnesium 375mg capsules,' (one daily obviously) and then drink one bottle of power-ade after each workout.  

I'm quite excited about starting this workout dvd and I will update weekly with my measurements until the 30 days are up. Fingers crossed. I may also add my thoughts about it at the end of other posts if anyone is interested. 

Speak Soon,


  1. I did a little catch up after my 10 days on the shred... it kinda went down hill from then though and i did a bit of level 2 but havent got stuck in with level 3!! I need to get back onto it...

    Might challenge myself to wear a bodycon dress for my birthday in July? Might motivate me!?

    You're very brave putting your measurements on here!! :-)

    Good luck with it! I need to get back on it!!!


  2. Good Luck :) I tried the 30day shred but the press ups put me off lol xo

  3. good luck :o) if you have the motivation to stick to it ( you seems like you do!) then I'm sure it'll really work for you :o) xx


  4. I love that you've just started this. I have gone the whole hog too and committed myself to getting fit. It's only £5.99 at the moment for the DVD on play.com so I've decided I'm getting it. I tried stage 1 of it via megavideo the other day to make sure I liked it and did. I could feel the benefits straight away : )


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