Friday, 6 May 2011

Wedding: Photograph List

When we visited our Wedding Photographer last week they obviously asked us what style of pictures we wanted. Now I'm really that much of a traditional girl when it comes to photos. I'm not a huge fan of the standard motionless poses pictures of the family. Don't get me wrong I still want some of these but a small proportion. For me I want the emotions from the day captured. Kind of like surprise pictures. And in Michael and I's photo session after the ceremony I'm not sure how to describe what I'd like, so instead I'll steal a few pictures from google to show you the style I like. 

There are so many beautiful images out there that this is the smallest of selections but it kind of gives you a rough idea of what I'm after. I love wedding photography where props are used, as I feel it can bring out the couple's personality more than usual. 

I love these three. Doesn't that bride look spectacular! She is so beautiful! There's also a picture of her walking down the aisle with her new husband, and words cannot describe how beautiful and happy she looks. 

While we were talking with our photographer I mentioned compiling a list with all my must have shots, so I didn't miss something I really wanted to remember. Plus there's also a few pictures my Mum would like that slightly mimic her own wedding, which I can't wait to give to her. So I thought today was that day why I got my but in gear and made out my list.

The List - Wedding Photograph Must Haves!

wedding dress hanging up/laying over chair
buttoning up wedding dress
the bridal bouquet 
bride getting into the wedding transportation (because I'm not sure what it will be yet)
bride and parents leaving for ceremony 

the church 
guests arriving/walking into the church
parents arriving/walking into the church 
lots and lots of my Nanna
Bride and Dad getting out of car 
Bride and Dad stood near Church Gates (for Mum)
Bride and Dad entering the church 
Bride just before walking down the aisle 
Bride walking down the aisle Front/Back
Groom with best man 
Groom waiting for Bride 
Groom seeing bride for the first time 
Bride and Groom saying vows 
Exchanging of rings 
The kiss 
Bride and Groom walking up aisle married :D
Signing of the marriage licence, both bride and groom 
Confetti being thrown over married couple 
Bride and Groom getting in the car
Bride and Groom in the back seat

After (formal)
Bride alone 
Bride with parents 
Bride and Groom together 
Bride and Groom with Parents
Bride and Groom with Nanna 
Bride with Nanna 
Groom and Best Man
Bride and Groom alone (lots off)
Bride, Groom and Millie

Bride and Groom arriving 
Wedding Cupcakes/Wedding Cake 
Cutting the cake 
Handing Bouquet to Nanna, instead of throwing it
Bride and Groom Leaving 

Along with these I'd like lots and lots of random pictures of us and all the guests. I cannot wait. The only down side is that it could take a few weeks to get the pictures back, though I may be cheeky and ask for a few unedited pictures of Michael and I soon after or on the day so I can have something physical to hold on to until my pictures arrive. 

Now I just need to print this off and hand it to our photographer. I'm sure that they will already take all these pictures, but it's a just in case. 

The next thing I need to sort out is our playlist. We already know that we want our music taste playing, rather than the traditional wedding reception music. We're not having a DJ or anything similar so we're using our laptop as the sound system, which means we can have any music we'd like. So expect to see this post sometime this week. 


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  1. if my boy and I were to walk down the aisle and have wedding photos, we would definitely need "none posey" shots. All the nice photos we have together are taken from someone else's camera that we're not looking at haha x


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