Monday, 2 May 2011

Space Savers: DVDs

To some this post may be so disrespectful to... DVDs. At first we thought the same, until we thought about it logically. We've needed more space recently, spring cleaning, clearing out lots of clutter, and generally getting rid of thing we don't need anymore. Hence the recent car boot sale we did. (mini info at *end of this post*) Which brought us to our rather large DVD collection, and what to do with it. We have one full cupboard full of DVDs and another which is slowly but surly filling up.
I'm embarrassed to admit that this isn't all of them, and there's also a large quantity that are still sealed.

So we asked ourself the most important question, (referring to DVDs not the most important question)
Why do we keep them in the cases?
because you're meant to.
because they look pretty that way.
 'incase' we ever wanted to sell them. (Pun not intended)

So if we love the movie, and want to watch it over and over again, and we know that we would never want to sell it, then why are we taking up space keeping the cases? 

It was definitely a hard decision, but we have decided to transfer all our DVDs into one large carry case. Except box sets of course, because:
the are already designed to hold many DVDs in such a minimal space.
that really would be disrespectful to DVDs.

I actually really like it so far. I've haven't yet binned the cases, but so far I don't regret doing this.

So there you have it, we've done the unthinkable, now we've just got to try to find somewhere to recycle these empty cases instead of just binning them. You've got to do your bit for the planet. I'm also going to keep all of the DVD sleeves, I'm not sure what for yet, but I'll find something fun to do with them all. 

*I would write a full post about the car boot sale, but I'm not sure it's worth it. If anyone wants me to, or would find it helpful then message me and I will get a post up soon, but for the mean time I'll leave you with this:
I would say I won't ever do it again, as it was such an uncomfortable and filthy experience, but on the plus we did make £90 from items we would have either binned or given to charity, which is what will happen to all the items we brought back.*

♫ Iron and Wine - Sunset Soon Forgotten
Drinking - Diet Coke because we've ran out of tea bags! Shameful!



  1. I used to do that with all my DVD's but my ex would never put them back and the handles all snapped so I just kept them in the boxes after that and bought a bigger storage unit to put them in lol! Hope your folders work out better than mine :) They're a great space saver! xoxo

  2. Good on you for taking the plunge!

    My parents did this and they have framed loads of the covers and put them all up in our downstairs loo haha. Its quite kitsch but I like it, especially because theres a lot of old movies with gorgeous pictures and I get to look at them whenever I'm in there and it always gets a comment from guests :)

  3. Ah fab idea! Saves so much more room. I'm ashamed to say i've lost most of the cases for my DVD's and CD's. This is a much better solution than having them all stacked up :P x


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