Thursday, 26 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 25 - 25/01/2012

Organisation Crazy

365 Photo Challenge January

I was forced to look at our finances due to our poorly car, and boy was I glad. It's about time too seen as one of my resolutions was to become more organised and up until now I haven't really looked into it. It turns out that giving up takeaways has saved us a fortune, and showed us the error of our ways. Typically each month we would eat our wages with nothing to show for it except for our fat bellies. Well 2012 has put a stop to all that and hopefully kick started a new respect for money. I'm super excited to save, and for once I'm looking forward to each pay day so I can see how much I can save rather than spend. My new flare for organisation has brought with it pretty coloured pens for each account and a pretty little diary, all of which I already had. Bonus.


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  1. Gave you an award on my latest blog post hun! xoxo


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