Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Back In Stock

I am so excited! I've wanted an Urban Decay Naked Palette for months and months and months, ever since it first came out, but missed out every single time! Well I've just placed my order on the Debenhams website. Yes you heard right, they are finally back in stock. I know most of you will already have one, but for those of you out there like me, then here's you chance. 

Image taken from Google, as I don't have mine yet

On the Debenhams website they also have 10% off beauty, and free delivery. So I snapped mine up for £28.80 including delivery. Seriously, good things come to those who wait. 

So what are you waiting for???
Speak Soon,


  1. I got mine a few weeks ago and it's great :) my other eyeshadows are being seriously neglected!!

  2. omg omg *logs onto the debenhams site*

  3. I need one!!! However I dont have a spare £30... maybe next time :(
    Pleeease show us how you wear the colours when you get it!! <3

  4. If you follow FleurDeForce on youtube, she's doing a giveaway for reaching 100,000 followers, which includes an Urban Decay Naked Palette, so you should enter that. You may get lucky. If you don't follow her anyway, you definitely should as she's amazing.
    I hope this helps.


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