Sunday, 29 May 2011

Seeing Double

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been asked to make a batch of cupcakes for the vicar's (who married us) birthday. Once I got home from work last night, after watching Doctor Who of course, I got cracking with my challenge. 

I was asked to make 24 which was pretty easy really. My Nanna lent me her muffin tray which matches mine, and I just doubled the recipe. I was a little bummed out that I didn't make a few more so that we all could have a taste test, but I will remember that for next time. haha. 

Once thing I should add is that I alway try to use happy eggs... and not just because of how happy they are in the bowl...

but because happy uncaged chickens make happier eggs. And I believe that you really can taste the difference, and I must say that the texture is also different. 

I love baking so much. I find it so relaxing and would love to one day turn a hobby into a career, but until then I'll just share all my creations with you guys. I'm also not even ashamed to say that my buns taste incredible. The sponge is light and fluffy and the buttercream is rich but not sickly. Let just say that I have been known to crave my own cupcakes... and Mike pesters me for some all the time. 

I got cracking with the recipe at about 7:30pm so that were as fresh as they could be. 

I've actually got to the point now where I don't time my cakes. I just let them cook and take them out when they are ready. I never thought that this was possible, but it is!

And there we have it. All lined up like little soldiers, with flags. haha. I'm obsessed with having flags in the buns. Mike makes them so I can concentrate on the decorations. 

When I finally woke up today (see how I didn't mention this 'morning'. haha) I had received two phone calls, both leaving a message. 
One from my Nanna and one from the vicar saying just how much they loved my cupcakes and that they went down a treat. This sounds awful, but if old people say that they are good... then they must be. Personally I think that old people are the worst critics because they just don't care. haha. 
Overall I am so happy with these. The phone calls made my day and I felt so proud. Just a shame that I didn't get to try one! 

Speak Soon, 


  1. Katie they look delicious! It is my dream to open my own little cake shop, I agree that baking is so relaxing! Its a shame that no one else in my family bakes though, as I will be the one to miss out when its birthday cake time haha! x

  2. they look absolutely gorgeously yummy xxx

  3. Aw, how lovely, they look delicious.

    Sadie xx


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