Friday, 6 May 2011

Wedding: Finally Finished Invites

Blurred on purpose

So with just a week to go before the wedding tomorrow I will hand out our wedding invites. I know, I know. Most people look at me in utter shock when I say that to them, but it's not as though I'm having a huge wedding where hundreds of people need to be informed. There will roughly be about 25 - 30 guests attending our wedding, but to be honest if the only people that were there were Me, Mike, my parents, and my Nanna, we'd both be happy, as these are the people that mean the most to us. We're lucky then as these are the people we know that will definitely be attending, even without an official invite. 

I keep making myself believe that Mike and I are on an episode of BBC THREE's Don't tell the Bride without the massive budget, where they only get 2 weeks to plan the wedding, as their guest generally get their invites the day before the wedding. haha. So I'm doing quite well then. 

We'll all keep our fingers crossed that people actually show up to our wedding and it's not too short notice. I'm sure I'd have all my lovely followers as guest if all else fails. haha. 



  1. Haha, I shall journey on down if no one comes :P These are gorgeous, your ideas are brilliant! You should so become a wedding planner for those who want to spend a bit less/make things more personal! x

  2. I've always wanted to be a wedding planner but would have no idea where to start. Plus I'd stress the bride and groom out with my last minute planning. x

  3. I love your invites, such a personal touch without costing a fortune.



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