Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I love books. I would buy a new book every day if I could. I love the way a new book smell, feels and looks. I love spending hours mulling over which new book to buy, or reading book reviews and instantly needing to go out and buy that book. I have so many books that I'm yet to read, but I still have the urge to buy new ones. I would say I'm ashamed, but really I'm not. I love how buying a new book makes me feel. I guess you could call me a book-a-holic, rather than a shopaholic. So I thought I make this quick post to show you my newest book purchases. 

Something Borrowed - Emily Griffin  I read the blurb and knew I wanted to read this. I was intrigued. Plus the cover enticed me. Being a bride n all. 

Life & Laughing - Michael McIntyre I wanted this book for Christmas, but the only available copies were hardback, and I just could justify the £10 price tag. The last trip to Asda I said to Mike, 'If the first page makes me laugh, I'll buy it.' Obviously it did, but better than that... the first page. 

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro I've heard such good things about both the book and the movie, but as always I wanted to read the book before I saw it on film. 

The Immortal Life of Hentietta Lacks - This is part of WithLoveFromGem's book club, and I decided I wanted to read it. I may not be able to read it in time for the book club, but it seemed like a good choice for a new book. 

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  1. Yay - love book posts! :D
    I adored Never Let Me Go and I was the same as you, needing to read it before the film! Unfortunately the film really disappointed me as it just didnt live up to the book. I felt as though they changed the characters and skipped a lot of the emotional parts. :( When you've read the book and watched the film, you'll have to let me know what you thought. x x

  2. I love books!
    I really want to read Never Let Me Go too :) xx

  3. I also adore books!! In fact I have an upcoming book haul that you may like..
    And as for your comment of my 'day in the life of'
    Homeschooling is pretty great although it has it's down sides! Planning on going into mainstream school for the first time since I was five in September though!

    <3 <3

  4. Out of those four books i've only read Never Let Me Go. I saw the advert for the film and immediately wanted to read the book. I haven't seen the film yet but i doubt it's as good as the book. The book was absolutely amazing, i loved the style it was written and felt that i could really relate to the characters. One of the BEST books i've ever read! :) x

  5. i love books too! i'm a bit of a bookworm:) i just brought the carrie diaries summer and the city by candice bushnell. i think i will probably have finished by tomorrow. Something borrowed is one of my favourite books, I've re-read it probably 6 times in as many years. I can't wait to go see the movie and see if it stacks up to the book. happy reading!:)

  6. ps
    I just awarded you the stylish blogger award, check it out,

  7. Eeeeeeee! Just wanted to say all the best for tomorrow and hope everything goes to plan! Have a fab time and enjoy every moment of your wedding day! :) x


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