Friday, 20 August 2010


This year we decided to try something different. Normally Katie the control freak will plan her birthday from the moment she wakes to the moment she goes to bed.
2010 I thought that it was time to release the control and give it a new home in the safe hands of my amazing partner Michael.
I gave no clues to what I wanted to do.
I was given no clues to what I was going to do.
Surprisingly I also had no fear about whether my day would go well or fall to pieces.
I trusted that wherever we went as long as we were together we would have fun.
Mike had been planning the day for months, and the anticipation of the day had been slowly driving me mad for the same amount of time.
Finally the day arrived.
He woke me at 7am the time that I was born to bacon bagels and a pink rose.
I opened my presents and got ready for the day ahead.
I was then given the choice of finding out where we were going before we set off or once we got there.
I'd already waited 2 months what was another few hours?
He drove. 
I read.
We ended up in York. 
Our favourite city. 
Firstly he took us to York Maze.
This place is a-maze-ing. 
We had such a good time. 
We spent some time looking at the animals in the farm.

Despite all the signs warning that the animals may bite, Mike decide to stroke the pigs.

This had the most beautiful eyes.

The troll from under the bridge gave us a bit of a fright.

Oh wait that's me.

We then headed of to the maze....

...following our trusty map

Spot the Michael.

We then got lost...

a look of defeat!

We then headed to York city centre.

and took a long walk round the city walls.

Overall we had a fantastic day.
I couldn't have wished for a better day.
Any day out with my man is the best day ever.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Engagement

The date was 17th August 2010.
My 22nd birthday. 
I received the gift that I had been wishing for for years. 
Time slowed down. 
In the middle of a busy restaurant I felt like we were the only two people there.
I was asked to close my eyes by the man of my dreams. 
When I was granted permission to reopen them...
open in front of me, 
was my perfect engagement ring.

I could feel my eyes start to fill with tears of joy.
There was nothing I could do about it.
I watched as his eyes started to well.
He said the four words every girl wants to hear,
"will you marry me?" 
I couldn't speak.
All I could do was nod.
He leaned over the table and kissed me.

I love this man with all my heart. 
Nothing fills me with greater joy than the knowledge that I will be his wife.
And he will be my husband.

We've been together for 4 years 9 months.
We've been engaged for 2 days. 
We'll be together forever.

25 Random Questions Tag

I spotted this tag on Caz's blog. Click the link! 
I thought that it might be fun.
Lets get started.

1. Do you have any pets?
Yes I do. I have Jake and Millie.

Jake (a very vocal character) 

Millie (who's tail never stops)

The fact that they are both black and White is purely coinsidecially. Honest.
They are like part of the family.

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.
My quilt (which I'm snuggled in) it's like a security blanket that I got attached to at the age of 17. Not the normal age to gain a security blanket.
my camera, 
and the short second life of bree tanner by Stephenie Meyer

3. What's the weather like right now?
I couldn't be positive as it's currently 1:11am and I'm too snuggled up to get up and check outside, but I will make an educated guess an say warm, light breeze, and dark. Though the last is less of a description of the weather rather a definition of night.

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed?
I do drive. I've not crashed per-say (touch wood) but I have had a minor bump. 
When I had first passed my test I tried to pull out from between my partners car and his mum's telling him that in my non power stirring car I would not make it. 
"Course you will'
Luckily I was moving at what I assume was 1mph so the impact was nothing major and only Mike and I know about it.
(Until I posted it on my blog)

5. What time did you wake up this morning?
For me this time is unheard of on a week off from work. 
I woke to my now fiance holding my hand to check if he really had proposed the previous day. 
He had hold of the wrong hand, so I woke to give him the correct one.

6. When was the last time you showered?
Yesterday morning. 17th August, my birthday shower. I only get one a year so I need to make the most of it. 

7. What was the last movie you saw?
To be truthful I have absolutely no idea. I used to be the biggest movie buff, I would collect DVD's like they were the new stamps. But recently I have been obsessed with series, currently Medium. I when I say obsessed I mean obsessed... if I don't watch an episode a day, something is wrong. 
GEEK..... I know! 

8. What does your last text message say?
I'm so happy for you, can't wait to see your ring. 
From a friend from work.

9. What's your ringtone?
Whatever originally came with my iphone. I haven't had the time or patience that I wish to devote to changing my ringtone to something specific.

10. Have you ever been to a different country?
I have but not for many years. The last time I went abroad was to Bulgaria with the family when I was 16. I'm now 22. 
Other places I have visited are Spain, Gibraltar, Majorca, Porte Rico, Zante, and Florida. I was a very lucky child. 

11. Do you like sushi?
No. Not keen. The only experience I had was from Asda, so it's not really fair to judge all sushi on Asda quality, but it's not something I'm looking forward to trying again. 

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
Usually Asda out of convenience. 
But if time and travel was not an issue I would choose Morrisons every time, especially since the new adverts came out.
'Why are you whispering?' 
Cracks me up every time.

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?
No. I could fall asleep on a jagged rock if I wanted to. 

14. How many siblings do you have?
I have one older sister.

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?
I have a MacBook Pro. I bought it about 6 months ago and I have never regretted the decision. 
Once you go Mac you never go back!

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
I will be turning 23 next. 
Too far away to even think about. 
I only turn 22 yesterday. 
(Well 2 days ago if we look at the time)

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Neither, though I am almost positive that I need them. 

18. Do you colour your hair?
Unfortunately I have been going grey since the age of 16 so yes I dye my hair. 
I mainly colour it the same colour, but sometimes I get bored. 
Don't we all?

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today.
It's currently very early Thursday morning so....
Today as in whats left? 
Go to bed. 
Today as in tomorrow?
Get hair cut.
Pop into work to show of my ring. 
And swap round some furniture for my Nanna.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?
I'm a very plain and boring eater, oh and picky. 
So that would be a Margherita, but without actual tomato pieces. 

22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers?
I prefer hamburgers. 
Don't get me wrong I love love love cheese. 
But theres something about plastic cheese that does not appeal to me.

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter?
Many times, but not through anything important. Normally it has something to do with watching a series on T.V, 
or getting addicted to youtube. 
This is always followed by the thought process...
'Oh poo if I go to bed now I will never wake up on time'
'stay up then, you can always live off Red Bull all day'
'good point brain I think I may take your advice!'
Then I proceed to spend the following day moaning about being tired. 

24. What is your eye colour?
I love the days when they are blue though.

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
I can actually. Though I only drink the diet versions of both.
I always find the original versions sickly sweet. 
I find my self grinding my teeth after drinking normal coke! 
I couldn't say which I prefer though.
Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke
hmmmm.... a question to ponder on. 

I'm so sorry that this post is so long, but I really got into it. 
I was also hoping to add more pictures, but writing took over today. 

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Raw(e): Green + my first contest entry

The 17th August 2010 marks the date of my 22nd birthday and the date of my engagement. I know, I know, huge news that will receive a dedicated post. 
The whole day was organised by my now husband to be, Michael who took us to York, our favourite city. 
The picture was taken as I stood on my tippy toes peering through metal bars into this garden (thinking that I was being naughty, until I walked round the corner to find out that it was a public park.)
I just love how this picture turned out, I feel so proud. 

This picture is now an entry to Sailor & Company Raw(e): green

Sunday, 8 August 2010

From puppy to old man

It was only a few days ago that I was looking back through old photos when I stumbled across this picture.

This is a picture of Jaspa.
He belongs to my parents. 
The reason why I find this picture so shocking, 
is because this is how he looks now

This picture was taken last week. 
Only one year after the previous picture.
It shocks me at how much he has changed. 
To us he looks like an old man that has aged 90 year instead of ONE! 
Oh how we love him.
He's actually a cross between a Jack Russell and a Border Terrier,
obviously he gained more Border Terrier from the gene pool.

And I doubt that anyone would believe that this little cutie Nicki also one of my parents dogs is actually the same breed. 

So thats my post about two little monsters that fill part of my life with happiness. 

Pick 'n' Mix?

We start with an average looking pick 'n' mix

Nothing strange here, or so we are let to believe. 
Until we start to think about the person that created it.

Lets take a look at the contents...

I seem to have a problem. 
I can't seem to grasp the idea of pick AND mix.
Do I dare admit that the blue dolphins are actually originally stored mixed with white dolphins?
I love these blue dolphins, and I only really enjoy red sweets...
... may that be red jelly babies, red gummy bears, red wine gums I love them!

What I'm really trying to say is that we normally go along with what life throws at us taking things that we don't really want just to save face. 
Well I say...
try to take what you want. 
It may take a long time to do.
People may give you strange looks along the way.
But in the end you are happy and overall proud of what you have achieved.

Now I'm not saying that I am proud of just picking the sweets I want, but I am proud of persisting with picking the sweets I want while getting funny looks from other people.

So go out there and get what you want...
whether it be your dream job,
saving up for a new car, 
getting that man you want to notice you, 
or blue dolphins,
you will only ever get what you are working towards.