Sunday, 10 April 2011

Picture this: Week one

Currently Mike is upstairs snoozing the night away, while I'm up reading blogs, googling for wedding inspiration, and thinking of which dvd to put on, whilst Jules Holland plays in the back ground. The latter is not out of choice, but out of pure laziness of not wanting to move to change the channel. 

I slept almost the whole day away today, which now means I'll more than likely be up all night. This is not really a bad thing, as the night owl here frequently spends many a night awake, residing to bed just as the sun begins to rise. It's quite strange to think that a night owl can also be afraid of the dark. 

I thought that I'd use this time and post to upload pictures from my week that have no specific home. Or those long forgotten pictures that have recently been re-found. Maybe create some sort a weekly feature. A place where even my poor quality iphone pictures are welcome.

1.  If you want a quiet life, buy your Mum a Nintendo DS. If you want to interact with your Mum... DONT!
2. I found this one from a while back when I first bought my DSLR, I just love it. I couldn't have positioned them better myself.
3. It's not easy to capture a smile from my Dad on film. (from Mother's Day)
4. You don't want to know what we made these two Woody's do. 
5. This was taken just before Michael proposed, he was reaching for the ring as I took this picture. It's a good few months old now, but still makes me happy.
6. I cannot for the life of me hoola-hoop. Though, what better place to practice than Asda?
7.  I love how much concentration is on my man's face... down the toy aisle. 
8. Our beautiful Millie. Not too happy about the fact that we just woke her up. Bless her.

I've also created my first blog title. Like it? 
I do, and I'm quite chuffed with how it has turned out. 
Very pleased indeed. 

Speak Soon

P.S. I choose Medium Season 1 so I can drool over a young Jake Weber


  1. I love your new layout and the pica are so sweet :) You have a real talent for photography.. <3 <3

  2. those puppies are adorable! please say they are yours!

    stop by sometime<3


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