Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blog Award: Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been ever so tired this week. Normally on my 11-8pm working week I'm full of energy and raring to go, but this week I've been busier that usual in my working week, that by the time I get home I'm drained. And that's even after a Red Bull. I've got so many blog posts that I'm desperate to type, but can't because I seem to have no time.

This week I have taken some time to enjoy reading once again. I have of course been enjoying reading my favourite blogs, but I'm currently reading Hush, hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. (Though I must admit I can only get through a bit before falling asleep with the book balanced on my face)

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend though. Three days off from work. 
I'm planning on making our wedding invitations. 
I know, I know, I've only got FIVE WEEKS to go until the big day, but I'm useless ok. 

After that quick, excruciatingly long intro, where I spent the majority feeling sorry for myself, I'll get into the actual post. Haha.

I was given this award by the beautiful Christine Marie
I love her blog, so was chuffed to say the least when I noticed that she'd awarded little, old me.

So lets start with the rules, then we'll get cracking:
You must link 10 blogs 
Tell them about the award 
Write 10 facts about yourself

10 Facts About Me:
1. It's not uncommon for me to sleep 14 hours straight. 
2. I love watching/owning DVD box sets, Medium, Buffy, Dexter, to name but a few.
3. My celebrity crushes include Anthony Stewart Head, and Jake Weber, and I'm not ashamed... much. Haha.
4. I love pole dancing, and own my own pole. I love that's it's becoming such a popular sport.
5. I would love to set up a new life in Gibraltar. 
6. I'm the complete opposite at work than at home when it comes to tidiness. At work you could say I'm overly tidy, when at home I have Mike. Haha. 
7. I've never had a Starbucks
8. I won Gold in Butterfly when I was 6! 
9.  My initials spell my name: KT
10.  I have 5 tattoos, 5 piercings, and an ear stretch.

10 Blogs I love that I can also award:
Holly - heevans94
Karris - Karrisx

I love these as not only does it feel good to know that someone has read and enjoyed my blog, but it helps find more bloggers. I love people who post their favourite bloggers on their page, so I can find them, and expand my ever growing list of blogs I love to read. 

Speak Soon


  1. Thanks for tagging me Katie! I'll hopefully get round to doing the tag although I always seem to forget about them! xx

  2. Thank you, it's really nice to know that somebody is interested in my writing!
    I'll get round to doing this at the weekend :) x

  3. Thankyou, i'm very flattered you picked me (:!xx

  4. Aww thanks Katie!! I will do this tag tomorrow or sunday :)xx

  5. That's no problem, I adore your blog! Such a good read ;D You HAVE to try Starbucks one day, the frappacino's (especially the caramel cream one) are lovely! x


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