Sunday, 8 August 2010

From puppy to old man

It was only a few days ago that I was looking back through old photos when I stumbled across this picture.

This is a picture of Jaspa.
He belongs to my parents. 
The reason why I find this picture so shocking, 
is because this is how he looks now

This picture was taken last week. 
Only one year after the previous picture.
It shocks me at how much he has changed. 
To us he looks like an old man that has aged 90 year instead of ONE! 
Oh how we love him.
He's actually a cross between a Jack Russell and a Border Terrier,
obviously he gained more Border Terrier from the gene pool.

And I doubt that anyone would believe that this little cutie Nicki also one of my parents dogs is actually the same breed. 

So thats my post about two little monsters that fill part of my life with happiness. 

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