Monday, 30 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 29 - 29/01/2012

Don't Eat Me Eat Broccoli 

365 Challenge January

We took the Millie Monster on a mammoth walk today. If I'm honest we didn't intend on walking her so far, we just ended up doing a few errands along the way. And by errands, I mean errand, and by errand I mean, we failed because no-one was home so we'll have to try again tomorrow. But if we look on the bright side we walked almost 4 miles. I feel like I'm training for the apocalypse. 

When we got home we relaxed for a bit, then Mike had to get ready for band practice, and I sat being a lazy bum browsing blogger and youtube until he returned home. Nothing new there then. After the boy got back I made broccoli soup, and let me tell you... eeeeewwwww! You try something new and healthy and it ends up down the drain. Enough said. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice relaxing Sunday.
I'm a little shocked that it's almost February, can anyone else believe it? 


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