Wednesday, 18 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 17 - 17/01/2012

Relaxing With Fairies

365 Photo Challenge January

Another frosty and cold night, but we held by our promise and took our Millie out for a walk. We walked just over 2 miles which felt amazing, and managed to do it at a quicker speed than usual, getting home in a little over 40 minutes. Bonus. But what's the best thing about getting home after a late night walk? Changing into PJ's, light a candle, putting on a brew and relaxing with the fairy lights. Ahh bliss. 



  1. We did exactly the same last night! Well, we didn't quite stay out 40 minutes, Flossie our bichon wouldn't walk that far, haha!
    It was lovely to get home in front of the fire with a hot chocolate afterwards :D xx

    1. Bless her. I wish Millie wouldn't walk that far. I hate to say it but I think she would walk triple that easily and still have energy to run around our living room. haha.
      I think settling down after a late night walk all cosy and warm is one of the best feelings. x


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