Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Snaps - Weekly Photo Dump # 1

Sunday Snaps KatieWrites

Millie caught all comfy on our dirty washing. Nice. // Millie didn't want to play fetch but Mike found a new friend // the chaos cause every time I make a new youtube video // all ready and set for our daily evening walk with the hound // the best start to the year // the best breakfast of all time, eggs, bacon and sausage in a muffin. Yum yum. // posing for photos... as you do // I have no idea how she can sleep like this, but she does. // too wide to fit through these, bless him.

It's been a great first week to the New Year. Tiring, granted, but so much fun. I've also kept up with the new years resolutions, and I must say that I'm rather proud.
Walking Millie every day - check, and loving it might I add.
Reading more without a challenge - check, not quite finished my first book of the year but I'm not being too hard on myself.
Challenge 365 Photo Challenge - Every day you should have seen my photo, or photos as I cannot resist uploading more than one. Plus I'm doing it vloggers style to relieve some of the pressure, but updating the day after.
Being more organised - Ahh, not quite. haha.
Eating better - this resolution has slightly morphed since I set it, and has turned into a no takeaway rule, which then improves better eating by default.
Workout more - I've been loving walking the dog, and with the 1.5 mile average per day, I've been succeeding on the workout front as well.

How have your resolutions been going? 

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