Saturday, 21 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 20 - 20/01/2012

Feeling Deflated

365 Photo Challenge

Today I noticed that our front tyre was looking rather flat. At first I thought both Mike and I had been a little neglectful of our run around, and failed to pump up our tyres. That was until Michael went to fill them up, only to inform me that someone had stollen our dust cap. People, seriously. I can only assume that it was kids using it for their bikes, but come on. I do think it's quite amusing, but out of all the things to steal, our dust caps had to be one of them. Off to the car shop it is to pick up a handy pack of them to keep in my car at all times. We also had a mini contest on who could guess the actual PSI, I guessed 12, Mike guessed 14. I lost. It was 16. (it should be 32) haha. Who else plays mini guessing games? 

On a brighter note we walked Millie over two miles, but to bring it down to an almost depressing level again she managed to cut her paw on some broken glass. Around our area there is broken glass on almost every street corner, and it's so hard to avoid. It's getting to the point that my Mum and I have discussed getting/making Millie some doggy shoes to protect her delicate paws. I'm not 100% on the idea, but I've got to do something about it. How do you feel about doggy footwear? Both the practical type and the "fashion."


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  1. I hate doing my tyres i go to a garage play blonde and they do it for me ! lol xx i know its easy but lots of air escapes while im fluffing about !


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