Tuesday, 3 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 2 - 02/01/2012

All Packed Up For Another Year

After getting home from walking Millie (keeping up with the resolutions - check) we decided to take down the Christmas tree and all the festive decorations. Though I love Christmas and all the wonderful decorations, I do love the day when we put them all away again. 

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During the packing process I came across a few presents that Millie didn't get chance to open on Christmas Day, and I don't think she minded too much for getting them late. Plus it was a nice treat for her being so good on her walk. 

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I then turned around to find the big kid playing with one of his present. Probably the best present he got this year, or at least most used, though I have to admit I do love it myself. And if you can't quite tell  from the picture it's a mini (size not the brand) remote control car.

Ahh it's so relaxing to blog in a decoration free zone. Our living room finally looks spacious and tidy once again. When are all your decorations coming down? 



  1. Ah, all my decorations came down today! Quite sad how Christmas is already over for another year :( x

  2. @ Christina Marie - I know what you mean, but when you work in retail it's quite a relief to see it over for one more year. Hopefully shops will return to some sort of normality soon, and maybe people will calm down and be more friendly. Fingers Crossed. haha. x

  3. Oh bless! The pug would have everyone's presents opened whether they liked it or not!



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