Wednesday, 11 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 10 - 10/01/2011

Harry as Larry 

365 Photo Challenge

For some reason I don't seem to watch much television anymore, *cough* youtube addiction *cough* but boy am I grateful for SkyPlus. Now I'm one of those people that completely forget about a series for months and then one day finds it and watches none stop, and it's happened again. Originally I watched the pilot episode of Ringer staring Sarah Michelle Gellar, when it first came out, and was immediately hooked. Then somehow I forgot all about it. Sunday I re-found this love and watched 2 episodes, and tonight after work guess what I did?! Yup, watched 2 more episodes. Now I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so when Sarah Michelle Gellar brings out anything new I'm straight in there, and disappointed the majority of the time, but luckily Ringer is not one of those times. Yes, granted, the pilot episode was a little touch and go at times, but now I'm hooked and cannot get enough of it. Plus it's great because I've got all the episodes recored = no suspense. Yay! 


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  1. I've only watched a couple of eps of Ringer but I really like it so far. Always been a big fan of SMG!


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