Friday, 6 January 2012

365 Challenge Day 5 - 05/01/2012

Braving Lush

Lush Bath Bomb 365 Challenge

For Christmas Mike treated me to some Lush bits and bats, and oh how I love Lush products. I just really dislike shopping in there myself. I hate being pestered while I'm shopping. I just like to be left to my own devices without every member of staff asking me if I need any help, no matter how nice those people are. So Mike took it on the chin and braved Lush just for me, and what's better is that he picked some amazing bits. The only problem is that they smell too good to move out of the living room. Every now and then I get this amazing whiff of Lush-ness. 



  1. Yeah the one downside to Lush is how you get pounced on. I could brush it off in the UK but the American stores hear my accent and they are all over me and won't go away!

  2. I always forget about lush and I've seen so so many bloggers posting their beautiful sale bargains from them! I'm going to have to go and brave it. Totally know what you mean about gettin pestered they're lovely people but I agree sometimes I just want to nosy around in peace. But what a lovely boyfriend going
    In and getting you some goodies :)



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