Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dress to Impress

I've never been a girly girl. I've never really been one to wear dresses never mind buy them, so when my current obsession with dresses occurred it came as a bit of a shock. I think it's a mixture between being sick of wearing only jeans, and seeing such an amazing group of confident bloggers flaunting their amazing bodies in dresses, which in turn boosted my confidence... in a way.

The main reason that in my adult life I have hated wearing dresses or skirts is my legs. I've always had large, rather ugly legs, and the last thing I'd want to do is show them to the world. My sheer hatred towards them, typically stems from school. To be honest, doesn't everyones body image issues?! 

We all have them. I don't that anyone out there who was not bullied by some insecure, selfish little child at school for the way they looked. The disappointing thing is that it always remains with you. Mine was my legs. I still hear 'tree trunk legs' run through my mind whenever I catch an awful glimpse of my legs in a mirror, which of course put me off wearing dresses for many years. But recently my thoughts have changed, and it's a big thanks to blogging! 

Now my confidence in my body image has not changed, I still hate my legs, and feel that I'm over weight, and wish that I could have been created with a higher metabolism rate, but what has changed is my attitude. I've come to think... 'stuff it!' (well another phase I commonly use came to mind but I didn't want to swear.)

I now want to wear pretty dresses, 
I feel good wearing pretty dresses, 
And what's better is the only person who's opinion I care about is mine and Mike's! 

If Mike thinks I look good wearing a dress, and I think I look good wearing a dress... then I must look good wearing a dress! And if I don't... well I blooming well feel it, so who gives a poop?!

So with this new attitude I went out and bought some brand spanking new dresses, skirts and even a cute playsuit! These will all be worn with leggings, but maybe one day I will have a confidence boost and step out into the world leggings free, but until then I'll let you have a goosey gander at what I picked up...

This H&M stunner was only £14.99! Bargain!

Also from H&M for only £9.99. It's fully lined and so soft. 

This I found in the NewLook summer sale for only £3. 
It's sold to wear over a bikini etc, but I think it look great as a casual summer dress. 

And finally this playsuit was from Matalan for £18. I'm not 100% sure if I keeping this yet. I love the design but the straps fall down constantly, which I'm not sure I can cope with, especially for £18.

I cannot wait to wear these as I'm definitely feeling the girly vibes. I love how pretty but casual they all are. Topped off with one of my flower headbands or hair clips the outfit is complete and I feel like a girl for once. 

I still laugh, as when I was paying for these I asked my Mum, "Did you ever think that the day would come, where your daughter would choose to buy dresses?"

Mum, "No, not even as a child would you wear dresses. Not even to school discos. Do you think it has anything to do with being married?"

Haha... though come to think of it, being married could easily be one of the reasons for my sudden change in attitude...

Speak Soon, 


  1. That's a great attittude to have, I think we're all more conscious of our 'bad' points though no one else probably even notices them :) those dresses + the playsuit are completely gorgeous I bet you'll look great in them!


  2. Good for you Katie!! I don't like my legs either, but like you I figure stuff it they're the only ones I've got and I'm not gonna spend the summer in jeans!!! Those dresses are gorgeous and I'm sure you will look stunning in them! Pictures please?? <3 <3

  3. I love that playsuit and I think the first H&M dress is the dress i've been searching the highstreet for, for my cousins wedding! It needs to still be in stock!!

    It's so nice that you have had a confidence boost! You are lovely and you deserve feel good about yourself :) x

  4. I love these dresses.
    I totally know what you mean, I hate my legs and am usually a jeans and tee girl but I have seen some aodrable dresses lately.


  5. awww yey to your new found confidence! You are gorgeous - cant wait to see pics with these in - they are all awesome! x

  6. I want that playsuit so bad! Love it x

  7. I love that first polka dot dress, I bet it's super flattering on, its got a great shape!!

  8. those dresses are really cute especially the polka dot one. i'm sure you will look beautiful in all of them. you can adjust the straps to stop them falling down, just sew them a bit shorter


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