Friday, 24 June 2011

Katie's Friday Night In

I'm sat having a lovely night in. Michael and I cooked dinner together, which consisted of minted lamb and chicken (odd combination I know) and homemade potato wedges... ahh-mazing! And now we're sat enjoying a nice relaxing evening in. I'm currently catching up on my youtube addiction, with a blob of sudocrem hopefully drying out a volcano of a spot, whilst cutting out many felt petals, and Mike's playing Xbox. Seriously I can probably sing each and every song on FIFA 11 from memory. 
Mike always says, 'I know when I've played too long because you start to sing along to the game!' haha. And it's so true. 

KatieWrite's Friday Night in
It's only whist writting this that I've realised that it's Friday night, and what  boring activites for a young married couple to get up to but, well that's just us. We hate the hustle and bustle of 'out  round town,' and would much prefer a few drinks 'down the local.' It's nice to actually hear what the other person is talking about you see. Though at the moment money is tight (car and tap troubles... grrr) and we've just had to make do with the venue of our home, which shhh, don't tell anyone... is our favourite place to be. 

How are you spending this lovely rainy evening?
Speak Soon,


  1. it's so cool that u two can be in the same wrong and do two different activities and still enjoy each other's company.. that's amazing

  2. Sounds like a lovely night in! I much prefer quiet nights and little pubs and cake shops than big loud nights out :) How is your change one thing in June going? x

  3. that sounds like a great boyfriend and I much rather spend time at home then out at the bars with all the noise and what have you I guess we just aren't typically early 20's folks..haha. I totally know all the songs to my boyfriends skateboarding video game...thats so funny! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it really made my day and stuck with me! You're the sweetest! :) -Lo

  4. @Arianne Cruz We're always like it. We're the crazy couple that do almost everything together. But I love it so all's good. x

  5. @haribohats It was plus I managed to make three hair clips. Whoop whoop. My change one thing in June is pretty good. I decided to start drinking more water,and I'm getting through 1.5l a day. I'm constantly on the loo thought (too much info. haha) How about you? How's yours going? x

  6. @Little Lo Hood I'm glad we're not the only ones that enjoy a quite life. haha. What is it will boys and their toys? tut tut. And no problem, I love your jewellery so why keep it to myself? x

  7. i love ur posts, so here's a best blog award!

  8. Hi found ur blog thanks to Arianne ! :D Following! I know what you mean about having a relaxing night with people you love! :) I definitely prefer staying in home relaxing and talking than be in a place with an annoying crowd hahah :D hey, I hope you can check my blog and follow if you like :)
    ☆ Bereniice ☆


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