Saturday, 11 June 2011

Shrinking Faces

Today the unthinkable happened... our TV broke! Luckily we had a spare television upstairs in the spare room that we never use, so we're currently sat squinting at a tiny television screen that's pretty much half the size of our old one! haha. It's done us pretty well really, but I think a television is one of those things that you expect will last forever. It's now sat sizzling away in the kitchen smelling of smoke. I have no idea what caused the sudden fault, but it can't be good. I'm just disappointed that now I'll have to wear my glasses to watch the TV. Sad times.

Broken TV XBOX

Funnier still Mike has just ejected his disc from the Xbox mid game though his sudden cleaning obsession. haha! Oh the down side to having senors instead of actual buttons. Poor bloke! haha.

I'll leave you all with that imagery, and hope you've had a better Saturday. 
Speak Soon,

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  1. Hello lovely, thanks for looking on my blogsale :) I'v sent the invoice... please let me know if something is wrong with it - it's my first blogsale/paypal experience haha! xoxo


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