Friday, 3 June 2011

Hello June

I cannot believe that it's June already. May flew past so quick, but it will always be remembered. The year so far has been my greatest yet, though the month of May definitely sends it rocketing up there on the 'best ever year scale.' So much has happened...

 the obvious being our wedding. 

 But it's also the month my Dad moved abroad

 and the month that we decided that we're going to spend the next few years sorting out our finances then we're going to try for a baby. I know huge news right, and though I know it wont happen for quite sometime yet it's still so exciting. To think that in 5 years time we could have little Michael's and Katie's running around. 

Which makes me wonder what June could have in store for us?!

I must admit that I cannot wait to find out, but at the same time I'm loving the ride. I'm enjoying my life at the moment and though I know it's not perfect, I also know that it never will be and that's fine by me. Life gives you little challenges and I don't believe that you would be given more than you could truly handle. As you've probably come to realise I am ever the optimist. Yes, granted things get me down... a lot. But why let them tear you apart when there's nothing you can do to change it. Roll with the punches that's what I say. Yes it can be frustrating, but if you can't change it, focus on something else. And if you can change it... then what are you doing complaining? 

Some huge changes will be taking place soon that I can do nothing to prevent, neither would I want to, but instead of falling apart and letting them get to me, I've chosen to instead just get on with life. Some may call this denial, others may call it the smart way to deal with the problems. 

I know this may all read rather cryptic but until everything falls into place I can't really explain anything. But hopefully through all the cryptic chaos above you can take something out of it and adapt it to your own lives, and know that we're all going through something tough. We can either take it out on others or help someone out that really needs it... I know which one would make me feel better about myself. 

My aims for June:

Start the ball rolling with my very own online store! 
Get all the name changing paperwork in order. 
Keep blogging about what I want to blog about... and not what I think people what me to blog about. 
 Bath the dog! haha.
 Change one part of my diet that will make me feel healthier! 
 Make more of an effort to keep in touch with friends! 
 Bake my Nanna the best birthday cake ever!

We'll pop back and take a look at this at the end of June and see where we're at. It may not seem like much, but I've never set myself little monthly tasks so I'm taking things one step at a time. 

Speak Soon,


  1. Hey hun, just found your blog through your guest post. :)

    Love it. Now following you. :) xxx

  2. :) I am going to change one thing about my diet this month too, we can help each other stay motivated! x

  3. Cat - I'm so glad that you like it, and so happy that you stopped to say hi. x

    Haribohats - we can definitely keep each other motivated. I'm not sure what I'm changing yet, but I don't want anything too drastic, and just want to ease into a healthier lifestyle. Any ideas? x

  4. nothing too drastic sounds like that best way to go about it, like only having one sweet treat a day instead of about 5 would be a good one for me haha x


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