Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Beautiful Baby Boy

We went to visit our friends on Sunday. They are the ones who have just had baby Logan, who is now almost three weeks old. Incredible to think that only 2 weeks ago we were visiting them in hospital when he as only hours old. We left it a while before visiting again so that they could settle into their new lives without the added stress of guests. I know if I'd just had a baby I'd be cherishing all the free time I had and not having to entertain family and friends. Not that we needed entertaining, but you know what I mean. 

I don't have any pictures of me holding Logan, but even better still I do have pictures of Mike holding him! They both look so relaxed. I love the first picture as you can see just how proud Logan's Dad is, watching his best friend hold his baby. It brings a tear to my eyes, and a huge smile to my face.

Bless him, it was such a warm day that little Logan was so restless. The only option in that situation is to take off as much clothing as possible, and it worked a treat. 

He really an amazing little boy. His parents are so proud. I was completely mesmerised by how tiny everything was, from his little nose to his little toes. His little facial expression are adorable, and the noses he makes just melt my heart. Though I say that, we're still going to wait to have a baby of our own. Both Michael and I have discussed how we're just not ready yet, both financially and mentally. Yes babies are incredibly cute and rewarding, but they are also incredibly straining, physically, mentally and financially. And I'm adult enough to admit that we're just not really for that yet. I still stick to what I said before that we want children in the next few years... but I now emphasise on the few years part. For now we're just going to enjoy newly married life. 

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  1. Gorgeous little boy! Makes me want one too but that's deffinitely a few years off yet too ha-ha



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