Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All bad things come in 3's... The Third

I should be at work right now, in fact I should have been there at 9am, but I'm not. I'm sat at home with a poorly car outside. It sounds awful and it partly is, but at the same time I was very lucky. My accelerator cable snapped at I was travelling at 40mph on a dual carriage way. Luckily I was in the fast lane (not normally a lucky place to be as your car breaks down) next to a turn off, with no traffic on the opposite side of the dual carriage way and with quick thinking I made it down a side road as my car was slowly dying. 

I'm pretty impressed with my parking skills, so obviously I needed to take a picture.
Broken Renault Scenic KatieWrites
I phoned Mike, I phoned work, I phoned my Mum, and then I phoned AA. Pretty normal order of priority there. haha. I was informed that the AA would be with me within the hour so I sat back and waited. I was pretty impressed when they tunrned up within 30 minutes, and temporarily fixed my car so I could get home.
AA Roadside KatieWrites
I phoned work and requested today off as a holiday day, and surprisingly my request was granted. We're on the way to a local garage to get our lovely car fixed. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it doesn't cost too much. 
Speak Soon,
P.S The first two bad things were:
♥ Our TV broke... well sizzled.
♥ Our exhaust blew... which still needs to be repaired. 


  1. Glad your ok, must have been scary! Hope its not too expensive to fix (though it will be - my thermostats broken and its £200 to fix!) xx

  2. Scary stuff! I had to have my accelerator cable tightened a few weeks ago as the pedal was literally flapping about, i think it's relatively easy to fix though x

  3. @Fudgesmoothies Well we've taken it in, and for labour it's going to be £25 which aint bad, but we're still not sure how much for the part, I think it's going to be about £30. Fingers Crossed anyway. We've still got the exhaust to fix but that can wait till paypay. x

  4. @haribohats You know at the time it wasn't that bad, it was only after when it hit me. That's awful about your thermostat. Blooming cars, can't live with em, can't live without em. (I've heard the same goes for men also. haha.) x

  5. Oh dear :( I'm glad you'll get it sorted easily! Bad things really do come in threes; recently I lost my job, my granny got very ill and then my grandad had a car accident - hoping that's the last of my bad luck gone!

  6. oh no..lets hope the bad is cancelled out by some epic goodness now!

  7. oh sorry to hear about your bad day :( very scary, you sound like you coped very well considering, I'd freak out! x


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