Friday, 17 June 2011

Post Workout Post

It's been almost one month since I first posted stating that I was starting my 30 day shred, and here I am posting my first update. I'm slightly ashamed to say that I only actually started today, but at the same time I'm also quite proud about that fact. If I had started when I first had the urge I would be at the end now and theoretically seeing some amazing results, but due to illness, tiredness and work it didn't work out that way.  (Har-har - 'work-out' that way) 

Here I am on day one knowing that tomorrow will consist of one full day of pain and feeling slightly daunted. I completed day one red faced and rather sweaty, not a great look, but a sign of a good work out. Now I'm going to jump in the shower, but before I do so I'll leave you with this lovely image...

Sweaty workout face

My worn out post workout face! 
And yes my legs did feel like they weighed a ton running upstairs to take this picture.

Speak Soon,

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  1. Please tell me you did not do the shred with a hoodie on?! If so, how did you not burn!

    You look a lot better than i do post workout! x


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