Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Snaps - Instagram Photo Dump # 3

Sunday Snaps KatieWrites

/ Getting ready after a lazy Sunday morning // our favourite place to walk // Jake and Dillon // Our usual photo spot (now a tradition) // Blogging after work in pj's and coat // Cooplans sausage rolls and beans nom nom // Chocolate fingers, Milk and Mike // My Nanna's winning scratch card, bless her // Milk toast // Millie walking herself // Nitro Millie // Kitty Death Lock /

What a wonderful week we've had. Because work has been slightly stressful (nothing new there then) it's made me really appreciate the time spent with family. Mike and I have had so many fun times and belly laughs, we spent quality time with my Nanna, Mike visited me at home on his lunch break because I was lonely and brought me dinner, and what better way to end the week than with snow and an upcoming week off???

Let me know what your week was like.

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