Sunday, 26 February 2012

365 Challenge Day 52 - 21/02/2012

Shrove Tuesday

Basket Ball on Shrove Tuesday

A lovely day off with the husband, and we took Millie out for a run on one of our favourite fields that's within walking distance of our home. When she got too tired to run we decide to "shoot a few hoops!" If I'm honest we are decent but we did have the added distraction of the ball thief. Just when you think someones all settled they run along, grab the ball between their teeth and then run off again! And who might that little bugger be? Why Millie of course. 

With it being Pancake Day we did have a few sneaky pancakes, with our preference of American style. A refreshing change from traditional English pancakes and much tastier. (probably due to the vast quantities of sugar.) I did make the decision to add coco powder to mine, which I regret slightly, but smothered in popping candy chocolate spread made it bareable. haha. 

And with Pancake Day making way for 40 days and 40 nights of lent both Michael and I have chosen to give up chocolate and fizzy drinks. A tough and drastic choice for us but since we completed it last year by only giving up chocolate we thought that this year we should up the ante. Wish me luck! 


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