Monday, 11 April 2011

Pant Theft: The story of confidence boosting

You know those rare days where you wake up feeling oh so blooming confident? Well I had one of those days today. I sure it wont last long, but whilst it’s here I better make the most of it.
Michael offered me my favourite shorts of his and I accepted. I don’t know if you will understand how much this means to me. It’s not because he gave me his clothes to wear, because lets face it I steal his clothes all the time, but more because they actually fit me! And Michael is such a skinny retch. (I mean that affectionately, honestly.)

I even felt that good that I was willing to take pictures with no make-up. Shock, horror! 

So what have we learnt from this post? 

Go forth and steal the partners pants! Haha! 
You will feel so much better in them, than in your own! 

Speak Soon, 


  1. As if that's you with no makeup on!!! You are so pretty!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for following me and leaving such a sweet comment :) Feels like I'm being followed by a famous person!! <3

  2. Oh my that was the sweetest comment I have ever received. You almost made me cry, I can feel my nose twitching. x

  3. Love it! Camo shorts are all i seem to wear when lounging at home :)


  4. I agree with ibbabelle if that's you with no make-up on you're one hell of a lucky girl. I wish I looked that pretty, haha! x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments, but honestly you all look far prettier. x


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