Thursday, 9 February 2012

365 Challenge Day 39 - 08/02/2012

Spring Clean

This morning saw the beginnings of a tidy home. Zero morning spent snuggling up with the duvet on the sofa fiddling with my blog (what do you think by the way?) and more time spent with a duster in one hand and cleaning spray in the other. I started off with the bedroom, which over the past few weeks had been gradually filling up with baskets upon baskets full of clean clothes, which is where we begin this post, a bed covered with said clothes. 

365 Photo Challenge MPM

Unfortunately due to my very nature I struggle to do the only job I set out to do, so I ended up reorganising all the clothes storage including the dreaded sock drawer. I wish it took the little time that these picture make out, that I could click my fingers and poof, all done, but I'm afraid to say that this took all morning. Talking of poof, click the link, cutest thing ever. 

Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo

That's my morning, or should I say day, as my allergies decided to make their appearance and I spent the remainder of the day suffering on the sofa with the previously mentioned duvet. Shame. haha. 

Speak Soon,

P.S. The husband made the kitchen all sparkly clean *b-ding* while I clean our bedroom. Thumbs up for amazing husbands. 

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