Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Snaps - Instagram Photo Dump # 4

Sunday Snaps MashPotatoMoments

/ Jake Vs Mike // Dillon // our footprints across a golf course naughty naughty // i guess Millie was thirsty // he always saves me the red ones // drinks at Frankie and Bennie's // who doesn't love to draw in the snow? // this is where he waits for us every morning // american style pancakes. nom nom. // someone loves my new PJs // smashed glass. sad times // Salt dough creations /

Only one day left of my week off from work, and it's been a lovely break. Admittedly a lot of time has been spent creating permanent bum prints in our sofa but it has been nice to spend time with Michael. And though we feel guilty that we haven't actually done that much (I blame the snow!) we have asked each other, "have you enjoyed it?" and our answer is always yes. So what's the problem? 

Hope you've all had a wonderful week


  1. Glad you had a good week off. It is nice to to just stay in at home every now and then :] The picture of your dog drinking from the sink is too cute!

  2. AW! Our cat Ed loves drinking out of the bath, she comes running into the bathroom [nearly always when your on the loo and she pushes the door open] sits in the bath and meows till you turn the water on. Then she tries to paw and catch said water drops! Hehe. Hope you had a lovely weekend!!


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