Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It feels like a Summers Day... in March???

Monday - the last day of my week off work, and Mike's first day of his week off. I hate it when this  happens, but we decided to make the most of it. Off to Meadowhall we headed. As you may or may not be aware our car is rather poorly at the moment so we decided to go on the train. For £5 each it's not that bad, it would probably cost a similar amount in petrol anyway. The downside was that we had to walk to the train station, which is about 2 miles away. The upside is that the weather was amazing.

Look I had to take my coat off!! 
And I'm Miss Squinty-Mc-Squint.
I really need some new sunglasses, but since finding out that I need glasses in December I've not got around to getting any.

We had such a lovely day out. It was nice travelling on the train, despite the fact that we missed the first one and had to wait 45 minutes for the next. It was relaxing. We were able to talk about utter crap, people watch, and not concentrate on driving. For some reason when we drive we're always in a rush. I have no idea why, as you'd think not being set by train/bus times you'd have a more relaxed attitude. 
Still. The time that we picked was rather late. Luckily Meadowhall opens until 9pm, so we got there for 5pm. There's a much more relaxed atmosphere at that time. Most people have headed home after a long day out, so you missed that mid day rush. Plus I got to have my last lay-in before I go back to work. Bonus all round. Whoop! 

I planned on taking so many pictures, I even took my DSLR along with me, but I forgot until I got there that Meadowhall is not very pretty. Haha. So instead I pictured all our purchases, so you get to enjoy that. (I'm also becoming much better friends with my Nikon since finding the patience to learn the basic manual settings. Phew!)

Here's the job lot. I'm so happy with everything I picked up. I also bought a pair of Denim shorts from Primark that aren't pictured here, but they need returning as they don't fit. No surprise there then. Will I ever learn? 

Lets start with the clothes...

The grey Trilby was £6.99 from New Look. I saw this over a month ago, and regretted picking it up ever since. It was one of those, "I promise to wear it all the time Michael" moments. Haha. 
Here's the link for you lovely people.
I love these shoestring vests form New Look. At £1.99 they are a steal. They are so soft, and perfect for under my work uniform. I bought five, one for every day.
The others were from Primark. 
The shirt is super soft. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It's made from the flannel material, and it's such a flattering length. I didn't think £8 was too bad either.
The scarf was an impulse buy, but boy am I glad for impulses. I love it. £3. And it's square. 
Is it just me or are these hard to come across? 

While we're in Primark I may as well show the jewellery I picked up.

As you can tell by the picture, the earrings were only £1.50. I only really bought them for the swallows, but I guess I'd wear some of the others as well. These are a bargain for me, as I have and ear stretch in my left ear, so I only wear one earring at a time. 
The bracelet was £2... I think. I have no idea what I've done with the packaging. (I'm sure I'll find it hanging out of Jake's mouth sometime soon)

We then headed to River Island. Now I don't shop for clothes here, as to be honest it's way out of my price range. Lovely to window shop, but that's as far as it goes with me... unfortunately. Now this next purchase means so much to me. 

Mike bought this for me in a set for Christmas. Our first Christmas together. 
We had only started going out that December, and he didn't have a job. 
He spent his last £20 on me for Christmas. 
It still warms my heart to this day. 
When he bought it the sales assistant informed him that they were discontinuing it. I was gutted. 
Now I don't know if they ever did discontinue it or not, but when I noticed they had it in stock I had to have it. It's only £4.99, smells incredible, and brings back so many memories. 

And for Boots

As you'll know by my previous 'day' post I was given some 'Love to Shop' Vouchers to spend on items I need for my wedding from my Nanna. She asked me to pick up the Shockwaves serum, which happened to be 2 for £4. At £3.36 I even got my Nanna a bargain, not that it matters as she told me to use the vouchers. If you want to know how well it works, ask my Nanna. Haha. Though she has gone through two tubes already so it must be good. I'm even tempted. 

The other items are for my wedding. 
I love this cream blush from MaxFactor. I orginally found this in the last free gift bags and have worn it every day since. As it's a cream blush I set it with the No7 Blusher in 12, Coral Flush. It lasts all day, and looks as pretty at the end of the day as it does when you first put it on. I picked it up in the shade 14 Soft Pink and it's £6.99.  
I won't be touching this until my wedding day. (Unless I run out of my tester)
And my Mascara. I don't usually go for waterproof, but come on it's for my wedding day. I chose the False Lash Effect in Black (waterproof.) 
I will try this out before the big day, but that's it. I've heard good things about it so I'm not worried. 
I've gone to the trouble of linking all these for you, your challenge is to find them if you want to check these items out. Hehe

If you spend £15 or more you also get a free gift worth over £25. I love these things. The eyeshadow I got in the previous one, I use every day! 

If you can, I would say pick one up, I couldn't recommend them enough. Even the make-up bag is pretty. I'll let you know how well these work. 

Oh and I had a swatch of All That Glitter Eyeshadow from Mac on my hand, and the free MaxFactor eyeshadow is a pretty good dupe. Don't quote me on it though, but I thought that they looked pretty similar. 

It's a given that if we ever go shopping we always have to pop into HMV for Mike. We've got to let the fella have a bit of fun after all I put him through. I may have done well today, but normally I'm the worst shopper... ever! 
Worst thing is, he didn't get anything, this CD was for me. Good thing is, is that we both love this band, so it's a shared CD. Yeay! Check them out... I insist! 

We had 45 minutes left before our train arrived, so we headed to WHSmiths to pick up something to read on the way home, but of course we ended up picking up a few more items. 

Firstly I spotted the container. I thought it would be perfect for my make-up brushes.
I already have something for them, but seen as I keep my make-up downstairs in the living room, I thought that this would look prettier on the coffee table. This was only £1.99.
Then Mike liked the letter separator thingy-mi-jig. 
We are so messy when it comes to post, before we know it we have letters scattered all over the kitchen side. This is now our attempt to prevent this. This ended up working out at only £2.49.
Both were reduced!

And now let me introduce you to my new bookmark... 
readers, this is George, 
George, these are my readers.

and there you were thinking I'd named him. Though to be honest if I had, George would have been the name I'd have chosen. I love him! 
Giraffes mean a lot to Mike and I, they have been are our little inside joke since just before our engagement. One day I might go into it for you, if you're nice. 

awww look, he's already settled in. 

Finally I picked up a few foundation samples for my wedding (bet your sick of hearing that now), which I'm going to try out over the next few weeks and let you know what I choose. 

Look at me and my super pale skin. My skin even confused the make-up artist. 
Dark hair + Freckles = Very Pale Skin???

We caught the train from Sheffield at 8:45pm and made back for about 10:30pm. It was slightly creepy walking home from the train station in the dark, but I always feel safe with Mike. I seem to forget how much the dark scares me. Another case of watching far too many Zombie movies. Though it didn't take up half as long on the way back. Haha. 

Sorry for such a long blog post, I just had so much to say. In fact I'm not quite sure why I'm apologising seen as I did choose my blog address to be babblingkatie, so really you did get a little warning. Hehe.

Anyway I'll speak to you all soon. 



P.S Here are the few bits we picked up for Michael incase any of you are interested. 

The clothes were from Primark. The hoodie ended up only being £5. He lives in these things. And the T-shirt was only £7. I'm sure I'll get in trouble one of these days for wearing this. The saying really is true in our house, 'What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine.'
The comic was his train reading material of choice. I've always been attracted to the geeks, and this only make me fancy him a bit more. 

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  1. I loved this post. Your life sound literally perfect! You and Mike sound so sweet together! Haha :D

    I love everything you got especially those WH Smith goodies, I'm deffo going to have a look for those when my money comes in! I'd probably use the letter stand for my make-up palettes! George is adorable :)

    Glad you had a nice day! x


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